Yoshi is my favorite game character and since I didn't have any Yoshi stuffed animals yet I thought why not make one...and since I was going to make one, why not make him huge!

Step 1: Making the Pattern

I started out by buying a small Yoshi stuffed animal so that I could take him apart and create my pattern. (Don't worry, I sewed him back together at the end)

To take the toy apart I just started by snipping one of the seams and pulling out the thread. I didn't cut any of the fabric since I needed everything in tact to create the pattern. 

Once I had all of the pieces taken apart, I ironed them flat, pinned them to paper and traced out the shapes. I labeled everything and took a lot of pictures so I would be able to figure out how it went back together.

I tested out my new pattern by making a small yoshi, the same size as the one I bought, and everything went together great :)

Next I scanned my pattern into photoshop, traced it in illustrator so I would have clean lines, and blew it up 600%! I tiled out the pattern so I could print it out and tape it together and the final count was 77pages!

<p>how much would it be to buy one from you????????????????????</p><p>please E-mail me @ <a href="mailto:lacibear052302@gmail.com" rel="nofollow">lacibear052302@gmail.com</a> </p><p>my little brother is in love with all of the Mario bros. characters and I would make one but im still a beginner. </p>
Thanks for your interest lacibear! I totally get the love for all things Mario bros. But unfortunatley I do not make these for sale. Even if your a beginner I know you can make it! Check out the comments, there have been lots of beginner success stories &amp; pictures!! And Im happy to answer questions if you have any! Best of luck! : )
Great project. Whats the seam allowance for the smaller yoshi? Plan to do a few for Christmas. Thanks
<p>Thank you! Sorry for the late reply in case you still want to make one (maybe Christmas 2016) I used 1/4&quot; seam allowance on the smaller one ; ) Thanks!</p>
<p>por tiny yoshi! HE IS DEAD!!! WAAAHH</p>
<p>Nahhhhhh! I sewed him back together once I was done, I could never kill a Yoshi! ; )</p>
<p>Nahhhhhh! I sewed him back together once I was done, I could never kill a Yoshi! ; )</p>
<p>Nahhhhhh! I sewed him back together once I was done, I could never kill a Yoshi! ; )</p>
<p>Nahhhhhh! I sewed him back together once I was done, I could never kill a Yoshi! ; )</p>
<p>Nahhhhhh! I sewed him back together once I was done, I could never kill a Yoshi! ; )</p>
<p>Nahhhhhh! I sewed him back together once I was done, I could never kill a Yoshi! ; )</p>
<p>So I finally made my own after all that time^^ I was scared very often to make something wrong or had no time but now he's done &lt;3</p>
<p>AMAZING!! I'm SO happy you made him, he looks excellent, I love it! Well done! : ) And thank you so much for sharing! : )</p>
<p>I LOVE it!!!! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing, you really made me happy!!!! :D It's amazing, there's gonna be a Yoshi infestation in my sewing room for sure!! hehehe</p>
<p>Thank you so fricking much for this tutorial! I am starting to learn how to sow and every step is explained perfectly and understandably for beginners like me (this yoshi being my second project ever). </p><p>I have to admit I underestimated the size when I started to print it out but it's just amazing! Originally promised it to my nephew, but now that it's stuffed, I'm keeping it and gonna make another one for him haha. </p><p>For those that worry about stuffing being costly (being on a budget myself) I can recommend looking for second hand pillows and blankets. Wash it on a high temperature to sanitize it and perhaps a nice scented fabric softener. My parents had a few old pillows and a big blanket lying around in the attic that they didn't need anymore. Washed it, dried it, ripped out the stuffing and i was able to stuff everything except for the head and half of the nose. So in the end it only cost me like .... four bags of stuffing? Might still add some to the nose though.</p><p>Thank you again. This tutorial is AMAZING! I recommend it to everyone :D</p>
<p>Thank YOU so fricking much for sharing your experience!!! Your Yoshi is amazing and I am so impressed that you are just starting sewing and made this project!! Completely understandable that you would want to keep it : ) At least you have the pattern now for the second one! Pillows and blankets are excellent options for stuffing! This is the part it seems that most people get concerned about so its great to hear more ideas. Thanks again for sharing! My favorite part is hearing about a great experience and see the finished product! : )</p>
<p>Update: My nephews love it to bits, specially the little one (and to those who still underestimate the weight/size of the yoshi: It's taller and heavier than my 18 month old nephew!!! :O). Guess it'll be staying at grandma's so auntie and nephews can both still enjoy the plush hehe :)</p>
<p>This is THE BEST!!! So adorable!! To be a kid and have a Giant Yoshi.....Ahhhhhmazing!!! Excellent job and thank you SO much for sharing!! This made my day!! : ) P.S Grandma's house sounds fair haha! ; )</p>
<p>Thank you so much for this tutorial! My son decided that he wanted to be Yoshi a week before Halloween (he's 4 and changed his mind ALOT). I was trying to figure out what I could do to turn an old dragon costume that we had into Yoshi when I found your tutorial. It was perfect! I was able to re-size the smaller pattern to the sizes I needed and your instructions and pictures made it so easy to follow along! You helped to make Halloween great for my son and I cannot thank you enough!</p>
<p>This is SO awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing, he looks great! I am so happy this was able to help you and thrilled to have had a small part in helping your Halloween be great!! And congratulations on being the best parent ever for making your sons Yoshi dreams come true!! : )</p>
Hi! I love this plush so much. I know you've been asked countless times, but would you be willing to sell one? I can't afford a sewing machine, but I want to give this to my friend for Christmas.
<p>Hey you I am so impressed and inspired by your work. I will do this by myself and planning(actually its kinda project because I compare everything to lower the costs :D ) That brings me to my question, how much did you paid for this? I started to make the patterns(finished) and now I'm going to collect the materials. And its sooooo expensive^^ Do you have some tips for me? Some things are not that expensive but one thing, the stuffing, I calculated 13 x 1kg (about 2,2 pounds) and the price was 129 euros (about 146 dollars).<br>I hope to find a good solution for this ;)<br>Ps: I'm from germany so probably I won't get things you used</p>
<p>Hey!! Thanks so much!! Happy to hear your excited for this project!! This Giant project is on the more costly side depending on your materials. I was able to make the whole project for about $130 USD, I am not sure what stores you have availble in Germany but I bought my supplies at Joann's Fabric Store and used a lot of coupons! I was able to get about 50% off on all of my stuffing or I would have paid a pretty penny more! I would recommend looking online for stuffing, you should get a better deal if you buy in bulk, I used 458oz ( 28.625lbs / 13kg) . I tried looking up some options but was having trouble finding online stores that ship to Germany but I'm sure they're out there! Ebay, Alibaba &amp; Aliexpress might have some good options, it just takes a little digging! Removing stuffing from cheap pillows may also be an option. Another way to save on the cost is to use a fleece blanket for your main fabric, they are usually cheaper, better fabric and large enough for the project. I hope this helped some, I wish I had better answers for you! Good luck on the project!! Let me know if you have any other questions! : )</p>
<p>thanks a lot that you care :)</p><p>one big thing I made a very good deal. 23 USD for 10kg of stuffing, so I just need 3 more :D<br>so you used ultra cuddle fleece, I don't know if we have this here^^</p><p>I think I will take fleece.</p>
<p>Of course!! The best part of this project are the stories I read like yours of people who are actually making it!! : ) That's the best!! And excellent job on your stuffing find! ; ) And fleece will work great, it has a lot of the same qualities! Best of luck to you! Give your Yoshi a BIG hug for me when your done, I did and still do to mine! ; ) </p>
<p>The comment section wont work for me so I hope I can just ask here. I'm inspired to make my life size TARDIS, sorry for who-fanning on your mario-fan tutorial :)... so! I am thinking about where to put sandbags, it will definitely need them. Suggestions, anyone?</p>
<p>Can't get the PDFs to download. Tried iPad, Windows, no joy.</p>
<p>Hey! Sorry to hear that, I can send you the file via email if you would like, just leave your email or send it in a message : )</p><p>The file is also really large so it can take a long time to load. </p>
<p>I just found this - and am so excited. We have many of the small Yoshi plush dolls that you used to make the pattern - in pretty much all the colors they come in - - My son is turning 10 in a week (8/30) - and he LOVES Yoshi. I am going to attempt to make this. I consider myself an advanced beginning when it comes to sewing ;) And I actually have all the supplies here - except think I will need a few more bags of stuffing.</p><p>Going to make him in the Brilliant Blue ultra cuddle that Joanns has (I bought it months ago when it was on sale).</p><p>Thanks!!</p>
<p>Ahh SO AWESOME!! What an AWESOME birthday present! A little belated but Happy Birthday to your son!!! I know the feeling of Yoshi Love so well!! Was your attempt successful? I'm hoping it was!! Congrats on AWESOME parenting!! haha! ; ) </p>
<p>I made this for my 3 y/o niece, in her favorite color variant. I ran out of stuffing and need to get some more, but the general shape is there! Thanks for the pattern and hard work. </p><p>On a side note, you may be able to trim the cost down by using the bulk polyfill 10-15 lb boxes. I had about 6 lbs left in a box and it got me this far with the stuffing. </p>
<p>SO AWESOME!! Your niece is going to love it!! I would have freaked out to have one of these as a kid and that is so awesome that you did this for her!! So glad the pattern worked out for you! </p><p>Great tip on reducing the stuffing cost, these big guys take a lot $$! I'll definitely look into a bulk purchase for my next giant plush project : )</p>
<p>OMG I WANT IT!!!! </p><p>this is amazing, I'm gona try to make this!</p>
<p>DO IT!!! I can't wait for you to make this and am so stoked to see the finished project (please!) !! ; ) </p>
<p>This is extremely terrific!!! And i got a question. Would you ever make other character like Mario, Bowser Peach, Wario, Waluigi, Bowser Jr.? Something like that because i have never seen nobody ever done this. Not even on youtube.</p>
Thanks Isai angeliF !!! Have definitely thought about it...! Will definitely post if I do!! : ) : )Thanks!!
<p>I bought a Yoshi plush so I could replicate it and I found you'd already uploaded the pattern of the same plush I bought! Thank you for this! I was able to make my very own Yoshi plush, but at 200% of the original pattern size. </p><p>There were a few issues I had but that's mostly due to the type of minky I used. I used the Shannon brand and it has some stretch issues. The most obvious is the nose not looking perfectly round when stuffed. I suggest editing the pattern a bit for anyone who plans on using the same minky.</p><p>Thank you again for sharing the pattern! </p>
<p>Do you have the pattern of the Yoshi Ball ? Thanks! :)</p>
<p>Hi! The egg pattern and embroidery is available through my etsy shop. </p><p>https://www.etsy.com/listing/227127982/yoshi-eggeaster-egg-minky-plush-sewing?ref=shop_home_active_3</p>
<p>Haha so cool! Awesome that the pattern worked out for you! Thanks for sharing! : )</p>
<p>Hi, I;m trying to make a Yoshi head only for a pony costume class. How many times should I increase the pattern size of the small yoshi do you think to get about an 18-25&quot; yoshi? Any ideas. Your site is great. Thanks.</p>
<p>Hey linda.cooke.3760! Thanks for checking out the project! Glad you enjoyed it! I did some fancy math and it looks like if you increase it 400% you should get a Yoshi between 18-25&quot; (looks like 22&quot;) Here are the numbers I used to guage the size in case you want to play around with them: 100%=6.5&quot; Yoshi, 600%=43&quot; Yoshi. Hope that helps! Good luck with your project! : )</p>
Your measurements, is that of him sitting or from head to toes? I'm considering trying to blow this up into a costume, but I want to make sure I do the math correctly. <br><br>Also, just a note since I didn't see one. Maybe you'd like to add a disclaimer about not selling them because your pattern was made from a licensed toy. It was something I saw posted on pinterest (talking about how it could be a problem) and thought maybe you'd like to know.
<p>Yes measurements are from the sitting position, he isn't quite built to stand! The pattern will probably need some adjusting to become a costume (particularly lengthening the arms and legs) but sounds like a fun project! Thanks for the heads up about the disclaimer ; )</p>
it was so much fun.
<p>P.s is that your fun face? lol : )</p>
<p>So awesome and thanks so much for sharing!! Love seeing Giant Yoshi's!! : )</p>
<p>I spent all evening making the patterns! Whoa.. This is my first giant project and i am very excited. Thank you for providing such a detailed instruction. One quick question is when i transfer pattern to the fabric, do i cut a bit extra all around for sewing? Or is this pattern already taking that into account? Thanks! And when i finish make it, i will post picture!</p>
<p>Lol, slightly time consuming! So awesome that you are making it, can't wait to see the final product! The seam allowance is already included, no need to add any extra. It is 3/8&quot; pretty much everywhere but there are a few areas that are 1/4&quot;, such as the saddle, but you can check out the steps to make sure. Have fun with your first giant plush!! (may get addidcting)</p>

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