Picture of Giant Yoshi Plush
Yoshi is my favorite game character and since I didn't have any Yoshi stuffed animals yet I thought why not make one...and since I was going to make one, why not make him huge!
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Step 1: Making the Pattern

Picture of Making the Pattern
I started out by buying a small Yoshi stuffed animal so that I could take him apart and create my pattern. (Don't worry, I sewed him back together at the end)

To take the toy apart I just started by snipping one of the seams and pulling out the thread. I didn't cut any of the fabric since I needed everything in tact to create the pattern. 

Once I had all of the pieces taken apart, I ironed them flat, pinned them to paper and traced out the shapes. I labeled everything and took a lot of pictures so I would be able to figure out how it went back together.

I tested out my new pattern by making a small yoshi, the same size as the one I bought, and everything went together great :)

Next I scanned my pattern into photoshop, traced it in illustrator so I would have clean lines, and blew it up 600%! I tiled out the pattern so I could print it out and tape it together and the final count was 77pages!

Step 2: Putting the Pattern Together

Picture of Putting the Pattern Together
Supplies Needed:

  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Scissors or Paper Trimmer

  • 79 pieces of 81/2" x 11" paper (2 pages are reference templates)
  • Tape
*Just updated with the printable pattern, I've included the giant version as well as the original small version : ) have fun! Also, the giant version may take a few minutes to load due to the size.*

Once I had my printable pattern created, the next step was to print it out.

Once the pages are printed, the next step is to tape them together. All the pages are numbered and have matching registration marks so they are easy to align. I taped my pages in sections and cut out pieces as I went along so I didn't have such a huge piece of paper to work with. 

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keko290 made it!5 minutes ago

-_- not as good as urs


This is nothing short of awesome.

mactothefuture (author)  Nicolas_Flamel1 month ago

Thanks so much Nicolas_Flamel!! : )

You are the best, I will be making one soon and will gladly share my pictures with you of the finish product. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks so much rvd5starfrogsplash!! Can't wait to see!! : )

Hey here is the finish product, it's not as good as your but I think it's pretty darn good for my first try. I did it in three weeks and gave it to my sister for Christmas.

So awesome!! He looks great!! You did a fantastic job and thanks for sharing the final product! I bet your sister was excited! : )

TokyoFriedZilla made it!2 months ago

Hey there i'm very pressed for time and would appreciate your help with something.

1) i'm trying to build a giant baymax from Big Hero 6 for my friend. will this yoshi method also work for that?

2) What material should i buy for Baymax? he's just white and black. i gotta do this before christmas! thank you for your time.

1 Baymax.png
mactothefuture (author)  TokyoFriedZilla2 months ago

Hey there TokyoFriedZilla! Thanks for checking out the project! Happy to help if I can! Cutting it a little close before Christmas!

1) This method should work for any plush you want to make. If you are taking apart a small plush just make sure to carefully remove the thread and avoid cutting any of the fabric so you are left with clean pieces you can turn into patterns. And if you can it helps to take pictures as you are taking it apart so it easier to put back together.

2) If you are just making a plush I use Ultra Cuddle Fleece form Joann's Fabrics but I would also recommend using a fleece throw blanket, they are usually a little bit thicker and better quality.

If you want a shiny look, white vinyl/faux leather would be a nice choice, as long as it is pretty thin and flexible.

And if your going for an inflatable type fabric you could also try ripstop nylon.

Hope that helps! Good luck on your project! Make sure to post it on here if you do it! : )

Hi, I;m trying to make a Yoshi head only for a pony costume class. How many times should I increase the pattern size of the small yoshi do you think to get about an 18-25" yoshi? Any ideas. Your site is great. Thanks.

mactothefuture (author)  linda.cooke.37602 months ago

Hey linda.cooke.3760! Thanks for checking out the project! Glad you enjoyed it! I did some fancy math and it looks like if you increase it 400% you should get a Yoshi between 18-25" (looks like 22") Here are the numbers I used to guage the size in case you want to play around with them: 100%=6.5" Yoshi, 600%=43" Yoshi. Hope that helps! Good luck with your project! : )

What is the stuffing guard for? where does it go and is it necessary? Great pattern btw and I really want to make a giant one but i think il try a small first :-p

Thanks cheyanne.hawkins.35! There are 2 stuffing guards, one for the nose and one for the shell on the back. They help to keep the stuffing in those areas. I would suggest keeping them, at least in the nose. The nose is so big and having the stuffing guard really helped to define the shape. You can see the pics in step 7 (shell) and 12 (nose) for a visual. Hope that helps! Good luck with your Yoshi's! : )

paul.r.camper2 months ago

Have you ever considered baby yoshi? I have a friend obsessed with baby yoshi, and because I can't find any plush toys I was considering making one. Any tips?

mactothefuture (author)  paul.r.camper2 months ago

Hi paul.r.camper! I have not considered a baby yoshi...yet! They are very cute so maybe someday! If I was going to make one and I couldn't find a plush to refer to, I would get a vinyl toy and and base the pattern off of that shape. It is also really helpful to look at other plush toys to see how they are put together. And my #1 tip would be to experiment! : ) I hope that helps! Make sure to share a picture of the final baby yoshi! : )

Caroly12122 months ago

HI!! I really love your work!! I want to do the giant yoshi but I haven't been capable to download the pattern because i don't find it. How can i do it? Please help me! I have a free account, is this the problem?

mactothefuture (author)  Caroly12122 months ago

Hi Caroly1212! Thank you so much for checking out this project, so glad you liked it!! You should be able to download the pdf with a free account, the links are on "Step 2: Putting the Pattern Together" I posted both the small and giant size patterns as pdf files, you should see them at the bottom of Step 2. The Giant Pattern usually takes a few minutes to load since it is so big so just give it a min! Let me know if you need any more help! Good luck with your Yoshi! : )

littleyoshi862 months ago

I wanna make one!

mactothefuture (author)  littleyoshi862 months ago

Do it!! : ) Then share the pictures! : )

jumbojibbles3 months ago

I make giant fleece things, but wonder about the longevity of an unlined fleece structure. Have you noticed any parts of your Yoshi becoming stretched out, so that restuffing is necessary?

mactothefuture (author)  jumbojibbles2 months ago

Hi jumbojibbles! I think it really depends on what you do with your Yoshi, mine is more of a decoration by my desk : ) so I think he will be in great shape for a long time! However there is one part on his eyes that looks like it has stretched pretty thin so I do think lining is a great idea. I have actually made another giant Yoshi that included a lining and it felt great and very sturdy. I'm also not a big fan of the fabrics available at my fabric store, they seam pretty thin so I tried using a fleece blanket on another project and it felt really great so I would also recommend trying that out as well. I bought a king size blanket so it gave me a lot of fabric to work with! Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions! : )

Caroly12122 months ago

HI!! I really love your work!! I want to do the giant yoshi but I haven't been capable to download the pattern because i don't find it. How can i do it? Please help me! I have a free account, is this the problem?

Caroly12122 months ago

HI!! I really love your work!! I want to do the giant yoshi but I haven't been capable to download the pattern because i don't find it. How can i do it? Please help me! I have a free account, is this the problem?

i-ness3 months ago

Hi! I'm from spain, i like your work thanks for upload the pattern is very useful and i think i will try to do the little yoshi, what's the size of the little yoshi? thanks for all (sorry if my english is bad)

mactothefuture (author)  i-ness3 months ago

Hi i-ness!! Thanks so much for checking out this project and I am SO glad you enjoyed it! The little Yoshi is 6" tall, I took a picture of it next to my hand so you could see the size better : ) Good luck with your Yoshi, make sure to post a picture once your done, I'd love to see it! And your english is fantastic! Better than a lot of people who speak it, I never would have known!


oohh!! thank you very much!! i'll postpone this for a few days because now i'm doing a toothless plushie and it's a lot of work and it's my first plushie and i don't know how end this LOL.... when i finish this plushie i'll make the yoshis. Thank you again for your help and pattern.

ShiannaA3 months ago

This is too good to be true <3 <3 This is absolutely awesome!! This would make an amazing Christmas gift! Thank you for sharing this!

Tiff093 months ago
I just love this! I was looking for some mario gifts for my daughter for christmas and stumbled upon this on pinterest. I know you probably get asked this a million times, but are you selling these without the stuffing?
mactothefuture (author)  Tiff093 months ago

Thanks Tiff09!! You can't go wrong with Super Mario gifts!! haha!

How long was the entire process to make this?
mactothefuture (author)  UltimateCamo253 months ago

Hey UltimateCamo25! It took me about 2 days to cut and sew all of the pieces and stuff the Yoshi. 3 days total if you include the time it took to make the pattern : )

Whoa! That's really quick! Then again, you must have a lot of experience. The only sewing experience I have is a 7th grade textiles class, so it'll take a bit longer for me to make one. Amazing tutorial though, very detailed.
mactothefuture (author)  UltimateCamo253 months ago

Lol! Thanks so much!! Make sure to share the pics once you finish!! : )

over all how much does this project cost?

I believe in total I paid about $130 for everything : )

field5004 months ago


mactothefuture (author)  field5004 months ago

Thanks!! : )

beens.thebeen5 months ago

This is incredible! I am attempting to make a yoshi costume (using a hoodie) and was looking for something visual to make his nose and eyes. I have 0 skills. I'm still going to give it a try!

mactothefuture (author)  beens.thebeen5 months ago

Thanks so much!! That sounds awesome you should definitely Do It! No one has 0 skills lol! : ) I'd love to see your project when your done! Here is a link to another instructable that is actually a Yoshi hoodie so this might help:

Good luck!! : )

Noelia Tumba8 months ago

Thanks for sharing your
pattern, I really love your Yoshis, please make me one, I will pay you. To be
honest I would like the all pieces together without sandbag and stuffing, just
the Sewn Yoshi body, this is my email:

I´ll wait for your

Have a good day! :D

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