I made a big cardboard Cthulhu based on a 123D Creature model by Amanda Jackson to lord over the snack machines in Autodesk's Pier 9 kitchen.  

Our snack machines give out $1 Sacagawea coins as change if you use bigger bills, and I thought that maybe something should guard all that gold from would-be thieves.  In hindsight, it should have probably been a dragon...  oh well.  Maybe I'll move him to the coffee machine.

Anyway, this was a complicated model - I bumped up the scale, so it actually used the dovetail joints on some slices, even with 24"x36" cardboard.  The most difficult parts were the tendrils, you really have to be organized to keep track of what goes where.

Materials Used:
25 x 1/4" Double-wall cardboard sheets - 24" x 36"
1/2 a big bottle of Elmer's Glue
70w Epilog Laser

Step 1: Pick a Model

I really like Amanda Jackson's work - she and a bunch of other folks are steady making great models in 123D Creature

For 123D Make, you don't need the color or texture information, so the STL file is fine to download.
All I saw in this 'ible was "Cthulhu" and "Autodesk" in the same sentence and I started crying tears of joy.
And "Pier 9". How I love all of those things.
Thank you for choosing to use my Cthulhu model . :)
Very cool - and a lot of work assembling but worth it! Looks great! I need to check out 123dMake also :)
*tries not to be a horrid person. fails* .... cthulhu is bigger than a galleon. isnt this a 'small' cardboard cthulhu? (XP. i'm sorry. i have to XP) <br>
As we don't have room for a proper galleon, I took creative liberties.
Very nice, just in time for Halloween. Thanks for posting.
Wicked cool!!

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