Giant Plywood Vase


Introduction: Giant Plywood Vase

About: I am a 22 year old woodturner from Sydney. I have been wood turning for about 6.5 years and have completed my apprenticeship in cabinetmaking. I left my full time work to try and make it as a wood turner

This is a 1.2 meter vase that I make out of plywood. After getting my new lathe I though how can I challenge myself and this is what i came up with. The vase is inspired by Ron Kent

Its made from a sheet of 2.4m x 1.2m ply cut and laminated together, then turned on the lathe. It is hollow. Done during the lamination process and the a hole was drilled to connect the hollow. The pics should show the process.

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    Say, out of interest in doing this stuff myself, what tools did you use to turn it down withs?

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    Standard spindle gouge. Because of the glues in the board, you will need to sharpen them regulary

    awesome idea the plywood layers look really cool.

    Very interesting project. I'd be curious for more detail about how you carved the inside. Also, just a note, if you painted the wooden base black instead of natural wood it would set the piece apart from the base.


    Very nice vase, plenty of pictures, but it really needs more details - what software did you use to draw the templates, what glue did you use, what speed did you run your lathe at, which tools did you use, how did you finish it etc.

    All of which is a long-winded way of saying that this really needs to be a step-by-step instructable..


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    Thanks for the advice. This is something new to me. I only came across the site the other week. My next one will have the processes.

    I used rhino which is a cad program. I just downloaded the older free version.
    I used techniglue which is an epoxy. If I were to do it again I would dye the glue black to match in with the other glue lines in the ply. A subtle difference but something i noticed.
    Starting speed of the lathe was 300rpm and i think i progressed to 500rpm only when it was fully round

    Finish was Feast Watsons fine buffing oil buffed with a cabinetmakers wax

    Cool, that's the sort of stuff that you should put into steps (you can edit new steps into an existing instructable).

    awesome, you should really get a respirator/mask for sanding ply though - that stuff's nasty and you really should try to protect yourself.

    also, when ive previously laminated and then cut ply i almost always end up cutting through an internal void where a little knot plug has fallen out of the veneer before manufacture. it inevetably leaves you with holes on the cut surface. did you get this here?

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    I did have a mask on for most of it. Must have just forgot at that time of the photo

    I did have a few spots where dead knot had fallen out. I just used a pine filler. I was surprised at how little I found

    Impressive and ambitious. Just wondering what you would use it for.

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    Thanks. Its just a display vase. I have though about putting things in it but I am not sure what would suit a vase that size

    I would love to see how you made this!