You could bring spring in to your room with this cute flower on the window sill as a room decor or for a practical 
purpose  on your table to stop the papers from flying away !

Its made out of cheap and easy to find materials
cereal boxes
corrugated boxes
floral tape
old plastic bottles
an old  mirror

Step 1: The Flower

Cut 2 flowers out of an old box...mark the mirror on the flower....cut a smaller circle than the mirror in one flower.
now wrap layers of paper with wall paper paste on  the flower to make it strong.
Prime it and then paint black around the cut circle so that there would not be any reflections once it's place on the mirror. paste the mirror to the center of the other flower.
glue and wrap 4 barbecue sticks. hot glue it to the flower with the mirror.
paste the other flower with the cut circle on the mirror flower and stapler it. now wrap strips of paper around the edges of the flower.
gesso and paint and decorate as you like...i punched flowers and pasted and the added a bit of sequins for a bit of bling :-)

I love bright yellow flowers! They look so happy :)

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