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Over the past couple of years quite a few people have asked me how to make an animated gif, as I LOVE a good old animated gif, and make them loads to document my creative work.

Here I will lead you through making an animated gif from photos with photoshop, but you can use the same method to animate any kind of image, and also use free online tools like Gimp instead of photoshop. I use CS4 here, but it is practically the same as earlier/later photoshop versions.

It should take about 10mins or less to make a short animation once you get the hang of it.

"Why not use an app?" I hear you cry!

I've tried a few auto gif making apps, and they are all very basic -and you don't have the control you do if you use photoshop or similar.

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Step 1: Organize Sequence

Picture of Organize Sequence

Name and order the sequence of photos you want to animate, and place in a folder. (staying organized from the start helps you make a gif in minutes!)






Step 2: Import

Picture of Import

Open Photoshop, and import files as layers to one image, go to: file ---> scripts ---> load files into stack.

Step 3: Select and Align

Picture of Select and Align
Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 09.38.28.png

Click browse and select the images you organized in step 1.

Be sure to check “attempt to automatically align source images”. This will align all your images to the best fit, and save you a lot of time (I used to line up all the image by eye and it took AAAAAGES!). When you've checked the box, hit OK, and images will open as multiple layers in one image.

Step 4: Open animation window

Picture of Open animation window

Now to make the animation (yipee!). First get the animation window up: window ---> animation.

Step 5: Animation Frames

Picture of Animation Frames

The animation window will open somewhere on your screen, this is where you will create the animated gif.

Note: sometimes when you open the animation window it may not open with frames automatically, and it will look like the image below. If this is the case, choose “convert to frame animation” in right bottom corner.

ruemu5 months ago
i followed d procedure but didnt work
deepta10 months ago

This is really very helpful, thank you so much!

padbravo10 months ago

Tks for your tutorial! very kind of you...

sunshiine10 months ago

Thanks for sharing. I will give this a try.Hope your day shines.


watchmeflyy10 months ago

This is very helpful; thank you! ^^