Gift Bags for Bottles

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Sometimes you want to be able to present a gift bottle of wine nicely wrapped, rather than in a hokey paper bag. Even those special gift bags for bottles don't always fit, or aren't special enough, and cost more than they're worth. Here's a quick way to make your own gift bags for bottles out of scraps of polar fleece that you probably already have around the house. (If not, you can buy remnant pieces at fabric stores for very little money.) These bags also have the advantage of being able to provide a cushion for the bottle. The person who receives them can then turn around and reuse them as gift bags on a later occasion.
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Step 1: What You'll Need

Picture of What You'll Need
Scrap piece of polar fleece, about 20" by 20", enough for one bottle.
Thread (ideally one that has a nice contrast with the fabric).
Brown paper grocery bag (you can use any paper, but the grocery bag has some unique qualities that work better for this project.)
bottle to be wrapped.

Step 2: Making a pattern - step one

Picture of Making a pattern - step one
Cut the paper bag apart at all of its corner folds. Try to cut just along each fold. This will give you pretty straight edges to work with, and help keep everything square.

Align the bottom of the bottle at one edge, and mark the top (the point where you want the top of the bottle bag to be). You can make this longer than the bottle if you want.

Using one of the folds on the paper bag to guide you, draw a line from one end of the paper to the other. You can use a ruler, or you can use one of the folds from the paper bag as a guide to eyeball a reasonably straight line. (I drew my line using a fold as a guide.)
very cool
AznPanda5 years ago
WOAH!!!! DATS TIS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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