If you're tired of paying for Disney themed gift bags or other lame new $6.00 gift bags, this cheap and creative instructable is for you. Your friends will love you for it - because you are just too cool.

Step 1: Not Too Girly Version

This is an example of what a map, duct tape and paper clips can look like as a gift bag. Try using the covers of Cabela's catalogue, Guns and Ammo, Field and Stream, etc. to make gift bags look a little more masculine.

Anyway - let's get started!
<p>Great idea, however, the picture isn't of a cereal box with the two singers on it; those are music sheets.</p>
but if you read the instructions, it's telling you to cover the cereal boxes with paper
Pack trail mix in it and take it hiking with you. When you are finished with it, use it for a carry-out-of-the-woods trash bag. You can reuse a cereal bag for packing trail mix and as a trash bag at the conclusion of your hike or walk. Also us for snack storage, to pack away frozen food or as a replacement of wax paper. http://blog.greenlivingeveryday.com/2011/11/05/Way<br><br>www.greenlivingeveryday.com
<p>Great Idea! </p>
Really clever idea! Can't believe I never thought of this before?! I'll be saving my pennies and pounds on having to buy gift bags again!
This is a great use of throw away materials, and easy too. I will definitely use this. Thanks for a great instructable.
recycle is miracle! ;)
LOVE IT!!!! I will definently use this one! I think I'll use a plastic bag for the tissue paper though, makes it a little more green...
nice idea! great ible + photos :D
Going to use, for my homemade candles. Thanks, for the wonderful instructable.
This is a great idea! terrific!
Oh! Nifty.

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