Picture of Gift Box from a Cereal Box
After watching J.J. Abrams' TED talk, I was fascinated that he was interested in box design. I was inspired and figured I'd give box making a shot.

I eat a lot of cereal, and had a lot of almost empty boxes lying around. So after a bowl of Capn' Frosted Life, I had all of the materials I would need.
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Step 1: Tools/Materials:

Picture of Tools/Materials:
You'll need the following tools:

- Hot glue gun with glue
- Scissors

- One cereal box

That's it

Step 2: Step 1: Cut and Flatten the box

Cut the box down the middle. I like to cut down the side that doesn't have the tab on it.

Step 3: Step 2: First fold

Picture of Step 2: First fold
Fold the box in half.

All of the folds don't have to be exact.

Step 5: Step 4 : Third fold

Picture of Step 4 : Third fold
Fold only the middle section of the top half in half.

Step 6: Step 5: Cut away what you don't need

Picture of Step 5: Cut away what you don't need
Cut the box so it looks like the picture below. The cuts don't have to be exact.

Step 10: Step 9: Done gluing

Picture of Step 9: Done gluing
Check the piece. The box should look like this when you're done gluing.

Step 11: Step 10: Fold the lid

Picture of Step 10: Fold the lid
Reverse the existing fold to form the lid.

Step 12: Step 11: Finish the Box

Picture of Step 11: Finish the Box
I used a stamp to put a logo on the lid of the box, but you could paint it, use stickers, whatever. I hope J.J. is happy with the results.