Introduction: Gift Cards Tranformed Into Playing Cards

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These are some card I made out of gift card. I use stencils and spray paint to create the design.

Step 1: Supplies

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For this project you will need:

1. 52 gift cards

2. Spray paint in at least 3 different colors

3. Contact paper

4. X-acto knife

5. Sandpaper

6. Goo Gone (not shown)

7. Permanent marker (not shown)

8. Paper and pencil for pattern (not shown)

Step 2: Clean and Sand

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Use the X-acto knife to remove the sticker covering the pin number. Use Goo Gone to remove the sticky. You may have to sand the backside of the cards if the bar code sticks out. This makes the back of the cards uniform.

Step 3: Paint the Back

Picture of Paint the Back

After the cards have been cleaned they are ready to paint. I used two coats of paint to cover the backs of the cards.

Step 4: Stenciling

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To create the face side of the card, first cover the card with contact paper. You can either make a paper stencil or draw the pattern directly on the card. Then cut out the pattern on the card with the X-acto knife. It is easy to cut directly on the card then to cut out the pattern and stick it on the card.

Note: I forgot to add a small sevens in the corner by the diamonds I added them in later.

Step 5: Painting the Front

Picture of Painting the Front

Spray paint the front of the cards. Use two coats. Let the paint dry as directed on the can.

Step 6: Peel Off the Contact Paper

Picture of Peel Off the Contact Paper

After the paint, has dried peel off the contact paper.

Step 7: Done!!

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Now your deck of cards is done!!!


Wow, you must have a lot of gift cards!

moon flower (author)2014-06-27

Very cool and very creative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great way to use gift cards.

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