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Introduction: Gift Exchange - Casting a Plaster Candle



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    so, as i guess it is a denture-like candle... am i right?

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    yes it is actually that simple. it is a cast of teeth and we set it on fire. it's not an intelligence test, i hope you enjoyed it somewhat.

    it's great in my eyes, i mean, it's a really great idea, even if it confuses me little.


    thanks very much!

    To make it easier on people (like myself) who didn't know what this was at first, you could add "custom candle by making custom mold" or something in the title....that way the mold step would be anticipated.

    Out of curiosity, is that silicone or some other material for the mold itself?

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    Fair call.
    Yeah that one was one of the cheaper 2part silicons: Ultrasil!
    It was a bit old but worked fine.


    haha oh no you didn't through the whole thing!
    we just had to document our gift-exchange entries.. the feature is getting out of hand ;p
    I did in fact put it under 'play' rather than - i don't know, some useful category!

    Omg, that's pretty awesome! Now if you could do this with a whole skull so that the flames come out the mouth and eyes, that would be pretty amazing for Halloween!

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    Ah i think i remember having this conversation! We talked about lots of different materials and how clean/hot they would burn.. yeah.
    How long do i have for the halloween contest? ahaha

    up until you actually lit it on fire I was like "Wtf is the point of all this"

    but then I was impressed. Pretty awesome, but I have no idea what was going on.

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    haha yeah there's not a lot of sense to it before that! Probly too many pictures either way. This was some ridiculousness for the gift exchange, but i will post an instructable on plaster wicks soon.


    Please do that. It would definitely come out useful!
    PS` not an slide show please!

    I readed candy :P