Stumped on what to get your guy for the holidays?  Have no fear, Instructables is a hot bed of handmade gift ideas for men!  He'll appreciate the extra time you spent and extra money you saved by making him a gift from the heart.  These Instructables are sure to inspire the perfect present for the man in your life this year.

Paracord Bracelet with a Side Release Buckle style
This tutorial will show how to make a paracord bracelet with a side release buckle. When made on a larger scale, you can make this for use as a dog or cat collar as well. I get my paracord from the Su...
I love you because... Message in a Bottle Key Ring style
Here it is - the handmade gift personalized by you for the special guy in your life! Of course, this would make a great women's necklace as well, but you know how hard those guys are to shop for! This...
Handmade Coasters style
These easy, personalized coasters make the perfect last-minute (handmade!) gift for anyone on your list.  With a few simple, easy to find supplies, you can create unique coaster sets in one afternoon....
Multi Strand Finger Loop Braiding style
In this Instructable, I'm going to teach you how to make Finger Loop Braids. With this technique you can make braids with just your hands that have 10 or more strands each. They can be used for anythi...
Hoodie Laptop Sleeve style
Turn and old hooded sweatshirt into a protective laptop sleeve. First let me say don't be intimidated by the fact that this involves sewing, this is only the 2nd thing I have ever sewn using a machin...
How To Make A Dressy Hoodie (aka Thug-Xedo) style
Combine a plain black hoodie and an old dress shirt to make a dressy hoodie that you can wear to da' club. You can wear your new Thug-Xedo out to dinner with your shorty, w/ your boys playing hella wi...
Leather iPod Touch Case using Water! style
I've recently bought myself an iPod Touch, so far it has been great! I saw the nice leather iPod cases on the Apple but they only have them for the iPod Classic, so, i went about making my own, i spo...
How to weave medieval cords for trimming, bracelets or necklaces. style
One of the things that make home-made crafts so special is the detailing.Even if you are following a purchased pattern, the way you finish things off can make them individual or personal.One way of de...
Felted Recycled Beverage Coozie style
Old sweaters and summer may seem like polar opposites, but this Coozie Instructable brings the two together to combat global warming and hot summer night thirst at the same time. The felted medium is...
Wallets style
A wallet is something nearly everyone carries and uses daily. It is an excellent canvas for personalization. There are dozens of Instructables for wallets; some are practical, some decorative, some ...
Make a Coffee Bag Wallet & Friends for free style
I lost my wallet in San Francisco a few months ago and have not wanted to buy a new one. As I was throwing a coffee bag away the other day, I thought it was good material for something or other so ...
Hex Hats style
Here's a pattern and instructions for two styles of brimmed hats with crowns made from six identical pieces. I like to make these from reclaimed materials. The orange one used to be two shirts, and ...
Braiding eight cords into a flat braid style
Everyone can braid things, right? Can you braid more than 3 things? Here is how to braid 8 strands of cord, string, yarn, leather strips or you name it.
Simple Paracord Ring style
If you are anything like me, you love to make things out of Paracord, but hate to waist anything. This simple (if over worked) Instructable (my first) should show you how you can use those annoying bi...
How to Make a Hemp Necklace style
This instructable will teach you the square-knot pattern used for most hemp necklaces. *The beads used are from my "How to Make Polymer Beads" instructable. Check it out! For other great hemp necklace...
Wooden Necktie (and Bowtie) style
Make a stylish necktie and bow tie with alternative material: wood! The Windsor knot will no longer be a problem. As it requires some (nylon) thread and a needle, will it be entitled to enter the Su...
Super-magnifier webcam lamp style
This instructable can be accessed at the author's website - If you link to this instructable from another website, please include a link to the Neat Information websi...
Make a Self-tie Bow-tie style
I'm a kind of traditional person who firmly believes in tying your bow ties. I tried making my first bow tie ever, and I'm proud to say that it turned out all right :) Bow ties aren't hard to make at ...
Secret Book Camera: Combine an Ipad and a book to make a hidden spy camera. style
     Are you an amateur spy looking for a simple way to make a hidden camera in a common, everyday item? Instead of buying a fancy camera gadget, try making this secret book camera. To make the book c...