Don't know what to get for the wonderful women in your life this year? Look no further - Instructables has you covered for handmade gifts that are sure to please. She will be wowed that you took the time and consideration to make something with your own hands to show her how much you care. And she's sure to be impressed by how frugal you've been in these harsh economic times. Even if these gorgeous gifts are a stretch for your time or budget, we offer you tips to brush up your smooching styles. We've got your back!

Now go get inspired!

Embossed Velvet Balsam Pine Sachets style
This is a fun little project that is relatively easy to do for someone just trying out velvet embossing with rubber stamps. You can see my instructable for velvet embossing here. I do provide emboss...
Three-hitch mat hair ornament style
This instructable aims to show you how to make a nice hair ornament by tying a three-hitch mat. Complete it with a chopstick, or a handcarved stick, to complete the ensemble.The core idea of the whole...
Make a millefiori USB flash drive jewel style
This millefiori USB flash drive makes a great present for friends (or for yourself). With a polymer clay casing you can give the memory stick a very individual appearance. Each one is different and yo...
Clueless guy's guide to buying flowers style
Here's your foolproof guide to choosing the perfect bouquet to impress your miss. It doesn't take a lot of money or any kind of floral-knowledge to knock her socks off! A few easy-to-remember pointe...
Make a RECYCLED PAPER BEAD Bracelet! style
Looking for a fast, inexpensive recycled project that you will love wearing or giving as a gift? TRY MAKING PAPER RECYCLED BEADS! Turn junk mail,magazines, brochures, last year's calendars, and gift ...
Easy Truffles style
This is the fastest and easiest recipe for making delicious, perfectly flavored chocolate truffles.  Customize the flavors and toppings to suit your exact tastes.  You'll get hooked on trying to come ...
How to make easy Lip Gloss style
I have always looked for ways to make lip gloss, but I have never found any recipes that use ingredients found around the house. ( or last more than 3 days!) This is a recipe that Use less than 5 Ing...
$1 gifts- soothing RICE BAG style
Have you ever been on a budget and not known what to give someone for Christmas? Look no further. A truely amazing gift is a rice bag which can be warmed up and cooled. They look amazing and are ea...
Chocolate Peppermint Bark style
Peppermint bark makes a great holiday recipe. Dark or semi-sweet chocolate, white chocolate, and crushed peppermint candies. What could be easier, or tastier?It's also a perfect homemade holiday gift,...
Create A Luxurious Satin Nightgown style
This sexy satin nightgown with spaghetti shoulder straps, lined with soft black lace is the perfect combination of luxury & comfort in sleepwear.
How To: Make Bath Bombs style
Everybody loves bath bombs. It is like taking a bath in champagne, only without the show tunes and chorus boys. They are fairly simple to make, keeping in mind that the strangest things can make a bat...
Kid Craft - Make a Spa/Sleep Mask style
We did this craft in about two hours with girls ages 10 - 12. While it proved a little difficult for the 10 year olds getting around the curves, the 11 and 12 year old girls got through it fairly ea...
Delicious Chocolate Honey Lip Balm (updated with link to pop art packaging) style
I used to wait till my kids were sleeping to slather vaseline over their chapped lips because they hated any kind of moisturizer. So I invented this recipe to tempt them into voluntarily using chapsti...
Chocolate Bath Melts - The chocolate that’s good for your thighs style
Bath melts are fruit or nut butter melts for soaking in the tub. The added ingredients will leave your skin soft, detoxified and smelling terrific.This particular batch I made for valentine's present...
Teddy Bear Remote Control style
The teddy bear remote sits nicely on your sofa or bed and can be used to control your iPod or computer. It's a cute modification to an RF remote control and is surprisingly soft! The project is diffic...
No-Sew Duct Tape Zipper Pouch style
Take your duct tape skills to the next level with this great zippered pouch.The interior is water-proof, making this bag great for carrying, pens, make-up, whatever you can imagine. Choose an outer f...
easy gifts: SALT & SUGAR SCRUB! style
A couple days ago my cousin gave my mom, a tropical bath scrub. Being my odd self, I read the ingredients to find although there were many unrecognizable words, there were also many common words. I re...
Easy Faux Pearl Necklace Made of Cornstarch Clay style
Here is a super easy Faux Pearl Necklace you can make for a great Mothers Day present. This is so much fun to make and so easy - just 3 ingredients that you have in your pantry.
How to Kiss style
This is an instructable on how to kiss. Kissing can be a hard thing to do until you get comfortable doing it, and while nothing can fully prepare you for a kiss, this how-to will explain some of the b...