Today I'll show you how to make a gift box from a plastic bottle Valentine's Day.

From plastic bottles with their own hands, you can do a bunch of different crafts, but today we are going to do with your gift box for February 14, in which you can put a little present and give to your loved one.

A gift box with his hands is very simple and will not take much time.

To produce gift wrapping is necessary to:

1. A plastic bottle of 1.5 liters;

2. Glue 502 and universal transparent glue;

3. Self-adhesive film;

4. Foamiran;

5. Self-adhesive rhinestones;

6. Hot-melt adhesive;

7. The ruler, pencil, scissors.

PVA glue will not work, but only a transparent adhesive that quickly and without a trace of glues.

This hack from plastic bottles with their hands get very beautiful and it is not a shame to give gifts

Step 1:

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