Gift Packing :) Nice Way





Introduction: Gift Packing :) Nice Way

Pack you gift easy and nice using stapler.



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    great job! I had my students make these for center pieces for a nursing home. They  loved it. Thanks

    Third best thing since sliced bread (after duct-tape and super-glue).

    Really nice and easy to wrap a gift in a special way! But you have to rip it open huh? That's a shame, if I received a gift wrapped like that, I would wanna keep it!

    how do you open the gift?

    Cool, but what is a 'hefter'? All I see you using is a stapler!

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    I think hefter is stapling it together.

    make the video slower please :)

    Hey golics... I've tried a few of your creations and they received the most flattering responses. Thanks for helping me make other people's lives a bit easier and putting a smile on their faces, man. Wishing you all the success.

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    Thank you too :)

    Nice job golics, I wish there could be an origami contest thing, then I know you would win something, you are amazing! Nice job!