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I have been unemployed all year so I am making amigurumi for gifts.  I also received some junk mail with gift tag stickers.  I don't want to stick them directly to the Amigurumis, so I am using magazine subscription cards to apply the sticker, then I will punch a hole and use scrap yarn to attach the gift tag.  Forgive the poor image quality, it was taken with my ipod.



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    Good use of materials on hand! :) Could you take a photo of your amigurumi with the labels attached?

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    unfortunately those were gifts for Xmas 2012, so what photos there are is all there are. basically what i did was a larkshead. take a piece of yarn fold it in half and tie a knot to make a small circle of yarn, pass one end of the circle through the hole punched in the tag, and then pass that end through the circle. Then take the end of the yarn without the tag, pass your crochet hook into your work, and draw the yarn through. then pass the tag through the loop of yarn and it's attached to your work as well as to the tag.

    Thanks -- I have a friend who had talked of making these amigurumi for gifts, and was hoping for some photos of cute animals. Good job making gifts!

    I mostly made octopii last year. made a foot tall Cthulhu for a friend, also did a 1up mushroom for my godson.