Gift in a Can





Introduction: Gift in a Can

Wrap up a small gift inside a pull-top can. This Instructable uses the art of illusion and a few basic supplies to make your gift look like it comes hermetically sealed in a can.

You need:
One pull-top can full of food*
A Gift that will fit in the can
A side cut can opener
Packing material
Strong glue

*Make sure the can has a flat sealed bottom--like a normal can's top. You'll be opening the can from the bottom.

Step 1: Open

Turn the can over and open it from the bottom. This leaves the pull-top unused.
Remove the contents, take off label, and wash the can and lid. Thoroughly dry the can and lid.

Step 2: Package

Place your item(s) in the can. Remember, the bottom is the top to the recipient so you might want to put it in upside down. Pad with packing material as needed.

Step 3: Secure

Glue the bottom back on the can. Put a weight on it to hold it together until it's dry.

Step 4: Embellish

Decorate the can, as you wish. This is a great way to make your gift truly unique.

You can paint it and make a replacement label. If you want to go really crazy, you can glue thin ribbons or strips of paper around the top and bottom lid sides to cover your handy work.



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    Awesome idea! But where did you get the chicks?

    I got them at Michaels Arts and Crafts around Easter. These were sold by the dozen but there are several varieties. Many stores will carry them in the spring with their Easter swag. Now is the best time to find them.

    I've found that if the can doesn't have the "lip" on the bottom like it does at the top, the can opener can't grip it properly and so it doesn't work.

    Yeah, if you'll look at my note in the first step, I specifically stated this in my original instructions. I have done this project many times and wanted to make it clear in outset that only this kind of can would work.

    by the way, good ideas for canned gifts YOu can find on or look at - Original gifts in cans. Their You can find canned Love, Truth, Free time, Air of Prague and more others...

    Haha, Nice!

    Good idea! L