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Warning; You may not want to read this while you're eating.
I was reading a book on spy toys a couple of days ago and come across a rat that had been taxidermied with velcro holding its stomach shut so it could be used as a dead drop. I don’t know how to taxidermy rats or have any lying around, however I did have a beetle and a micro SD card.
• Micro SD card
• A dead beetle (preferably dry)
• Super glue (optional)
• Hot sauce (optional)
• Small scissors
• Small knife
• Tweezers
• Small paint brush (optional)

Step 1: The Wings

With the tweezers crack the wing casing open. Remove the wings gripping them as close to the base as possible.

Step 2: The Abdomen

With the knife pierce one side of the abdomen and then cut along the both sides. Snip of the portion between the abdomen and the thorax.

Step 3: You’re Done

Insert the micro SD card into the cavity you have created and close the wings. If the wings keep popping back open you could hold the wing casing tightly closed and put a drop of super glue on the line between them.
Leave your dead drop in some appropriate place. It would blend in well on its back near the base of a telephone pole. You could also partly squish the head or thorax to discourage anyone like me who would actually be interested in a dead bug.
I have seen ants dragging away dead beetles. This could be solved by brushing the beetle with hot sauce.



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    Nice, I first thought that it was a USB thumb drive instead of a micro SD. I also probably wouldn't have thought of the hot sauce part.

    it would be cool if you added this to a collection of various insects. it would make a really neat data hiding place.

    I hadn't thught of doing that. great Idea.

    Very ingenious! I love it! Hope you win!

    WHOA! Wash your hands after the hot sauce coating. Or don't pick your nose.

    This is a GREAT 'ible, a lot of fun. thanks.

    Awesome. I love the attention to detail- the hot sauce part takes some thinking about!

    Thanks. That suggestion also came from the book. I'll have to post a link.

    Sorry i may have missed reading something coz I cannot actually undestand the use of this Gigabeatle. would anybody help me get it? I mean, is it just for the sake of hiding a flash card in a bug?

    That's pretty much it. It's not that useful if you're not a spy.

    Gross!!!! lol So what happens when someone steps on it cause it's a beetle? lol! But I have to say, better than a stuffed rat!!!! Quite intricate design!!!