Tired of wasting money on expensive razors ? buy a cheaper one and make use of that old gillette vibrating razor.
with this you gain an all in one AAA battery case and switch a mini vibrating motor and cheaper shaving

Step 1: To Begin

ok best thing to do is remove the battery cover and take out the battey (it gets annoying when it fires up and starts jiggling about while you're trying to work)
<p>I thought I'd share this. I didn't take the motor out, but using Sugru I attached a nut to the end of the power handle so that I could use it with my double edge razor head. It saves a fortune on blades and works incredibly well. I no longer get any nicks or razor burn.</p>
This would be perfect for a bristlebot. Nice!
yeah thats excactly what I was thinking. Saw some tiny bristlebots today which were stupidly expensive. Thanks alot for a great instructable!
hope you find it useful
I recently found a toothbrush with a vibrator! Cheap and cool, almost -ready -to -fly Bristlebot.
tehehe...you said vibrator :P
^^ haha
endless possibilities
isn't there any way to open it without making it useless?, i need the motor and don't want to buy another because i don't use the vubration
yes. slice out a panel instead of cutting the whole thing apart, remove it,then epoxy the panel back in.
Any idea the RPM of these puppies or the highest rated voltage? Cool idea.. you could use on RC Planes.
I didn't know that these things have vibratory motors in them. you could also get these from cell phones, old game controllers, or anything else that trembles.
the ps2 ones are just like a 5v motor with a lopsided weight attached to them. also there's 2 of them in a controller. one for big shakes and little shakes
hi there thanks for the information its sure to come in handy
glad to be of service
Hi there you can never have too much information thanks for the input

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