Gin Gin: a Little Bit of the Sauce





Introduction: Gin Gin: a Little Bit of the Sauce

This is a drink I came up with a few weeks back. Three ingredients and pretty tasty. I say that I came up with it, but there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to mixed drinks and this probably exists out there somewhere under a different name. I couldn't really think of a good name for it so I asked around. I've chosen the one my wife came up with, the obvious and fitting, Gin Gin.

Step 1: The Needs

* Your favorite mixing gin - I use Beefeater because I think it mixes well with other things--my favorite straight gin is Millers followed by Bombay Sapphire.

* Ginger Ale -  Here it is Canada Dry. Another of our favorites is Vernor's, but that may be a little too strong for this.

* Fresh mint - It's hard not to grow mint. Plant it and it will practically take over the world.

That's it for ingredients. You'll need this hardware:

* Collins glass filled with ice.

* A muddler - I use a homemade one. I made it out of a an untreated oak dowel that I shaped and smoothed with an orbital sander.

* Something to muddle in - Here I used a cocktail shaker.

* A jigger - You know, that little measuring thing with the strange name.

Step 2: First

Add the mint to cocktail shaker and muddle it. Muddling is essentially crushing the thing being muddled. The object of muddling is not to disintegrate what you're muddling, but to bruise it up so that it's flavor can be easily extracted by the alcohol. Don't worry about having a perfectly clean muddle, you'll have little bits of mint leaves floating around no matter how careful you are. If you really feel that you must you can run them through a small fine mesh strainer, but odds are you'll still have very small bits of mint leaves. Leave them. They'll be so small that you won't notice them in your mouth.

Step 3: Booze It

Measure 2 ounces of gin in your jigger, then add them to the mint. I give the mint leaves another light muddling with the gin in it. The most straining that I'll do with this is through the coarse strainer that is attached to your cocktail shaker. As  you can see there are little bits of mint floating around in the ginny mint extract. Pour the gin over the ice in the collins glass.

Step 4: Dilute and Serve

Top off the glass with ginger ale and garnish with some mint leaves (or don't; I just did it because the mint would have wilted and it made for a nice picture.

This is something you might want to try if your stomach is giving you fits. Mint and ginger ale are two common folk remedies for stomach ache and how could the addition of gin hurt?




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How is it that I've been to your house at least 4 times since you've posted this and I've never been offered one? New rule for our friendship: All food/alcohol Instructables must be immediately shared IRL with me/you (depending on perspective).

Go buy one of those six packs of small canada dry bottles and come on by. Do it quickly before the mint gets frosted.

It looks loverly! Saaaay, I wonder what fresh lime juice would be like in it... That would truly make it a Brittish Mojito! - Pj

YESSS! OMG! Okay, this weekend, I'm going to try a most holy and glorious amalgam of my very awesome mojito recipe, and this one. I will post results for any interested. And perhaps an 'ible? Hm! - Pj

This looks so good and I love the name. :D

I think next time I find myself in a liquor store I'll buy the stuffs for this!

Do it! Drink it!

It looks good because I got a new camera and it's hard to take boring photos with it.