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Introduction: Ginger Bread Houses

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Christy, Colin, Jess, a few other friends, and I spent an evening building ginger bread houses. We were all bogged down with the crunch right before the holidays at work, and no one had time to bake proper ginger bread. So, we used ginger bread house kits, which while not tasting so good, did let us get right down to building. Actually, considering the amount of candy sitting around, it probably was a good thing the ginger bread wasn't tasty - I probably would have had twice the stomach ache afterwards.

Gluing the ginger bread together with molten-sugar from a hot-glue gun works amazingly well, as seen here in Candy Towers Built with a Molten-Sugar Hot-Glue Gun and Gluing a gingersnap cottage (like a nerd). It's way better than icing, and allowed Colin to make an 8-sided "modern ginger bread house" that concluded the evening when we smashed it while playing catch. Christy won the award for most obsessive compulsive house.



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    Yummeeeeee!!!! I love gingerbread all year around :P I wish somebody would post an instructable which would involve making some real, geniune gingerbread. I would do it, but all the gingerbread recipes I've tried so far have turned out pretty badly......

    grr I should have looked on Instructables before I made my gingerbread house... then it fell down and it looked and I made it a "Gingerbread recline chair" with a stick figure man made from candy

    Congrats, Christy! =P

    Looks like you guys are having fun already. Unfortunately for me, I have 3 subjects worth of tests tomorrow, which equates to four periods of tests, forty two minutes each, right after one another, starting at 8:10 in the morning.... fun...

    (Yeah, I know the period length is cool... but I'm pretty sure the administration doesn't know its significance...)

    Anyhow.... After tomorrow, I'm free! (to work hard on several instructables that desperately need to be published!)

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    I would have managed much more obsessive-compulsive candy-tiling if Eric would have been willing to share the hot sugar gun! As it was, he hogged it until we had to go home.

    Jess won the most candy glommed onto the house award.

    Now, Now, Eric... You have to share!

    Congrats Jess! That's my kind of award!

    Did Colin win any award? Best house to have a gingerbread house-making party in award?

    Thats... awesome :P I love the tower, Eric! Interesting house, Colin ;-)

    I wish my family made gingerbread houses.... Nice.