If i have uncomfortable stomach due to gas/ bloating, ginger drink always help. It give fast relief. Instead of plain hot water and ginger only. There are fews ways to make your ginger drink nice.

I like young ginger for my ginger drink. While you drink it, you can chew the ginger together. Of cause this is optional. The taste of young ginger is not strong as old ginger. And young ginger is crunchier.

Step 1: Ginger With Honey

Add some slices of young ginger. Up to you how much ginger you like. Some honey and hot water.
Ginger with honey is also remedy for cough relief.

Step 2: Ginger With Hot Milk

Another way to drink your ginger drink is add the slices of young ginger in hot milk or hot milk tea.

Step 3: Ginger With Tea of Your Choice

Young ginger slices with any tea you like.
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