a fantasy castle based on children's dreams and delicious gingerbread form
&nbsp;Although it may seem like I am cheating, cooking is not my forte!<br /> I would love to make this cake - perhaps next year I can plan in advance<br /> <br />
This looks very nice ... Practically flawless !<br /> If it <em>is </em>a photoshop trick ... It is still very &quot;crafty&quot; !!!
This is a contest for real gingerbread, right?&nbsp; I'd LOVE to see this actually be made!
&nbsp;is that even real...
&nbsp;gingerbread without the gingerbread? that's sadder than getting coal! &nbsp;I hope there's still some candy you can eat!
Are you going to attempt to make this?<br /> <br /> L<br />
Right spirit, but a photo-shopped gingerbread castle?<br /> <br /> How are you ever going to EAT it?<br />

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