Picture of Gingerbread Castle
 a fantasy castle based on children's dreams and delicious gingerbread form
jamieicecream (author) 5 years ago
 Although it may seem like I am cheating, cooking is not my forte!
I would love to make this cake - perhaps next year I can plan in advance

barryalmo5 years ago
This looks very nice ... Practically flawless !
If it is a photoshop trick ... It is still very "crafty" !!!
Brooke18805 years ago
This is a contest for real gingerbread, right?  I'd LOVE to see this actually be made!
GianniMora5 years ago
 is that even real...
sarahfish5 years ago
 gingerbread without the gingerbread? that's sadder than getting coal!  I hope there's still some candy you can eat!
lemonie5 years ago
Are you going to attempt to make this?

ironsmiter5 years ago
Right spirit, but a photo-shopped gingerbread castle?

How are you ever going to EAT it?