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This was fun. I baked the igloo over a pyrex bowl, and the entrance over some tinfoil shaped into a tube.  (OIL EVERYTHING! or it WILL stick)

I cut a hole for the entrance, stuck it in, and decorated with Royal Icing.

Then we added the Powdered Sugar Snowstorm.

Then the Gummie Bears moved in. Notice how they shoveled the front walk. And according to my 4 year old, the kid bears are having a party on the roof.



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you are awesome

How did you do the whole igloo pattern? Did you cut squares and put them on to the pyrex bowl? Or did you just make it with a toothpick? Would love an answer asap please!

i rolled the dough flat, then shaped it over the greased bowl. I drew the lines on with the icing after it was all cooked.

good luck


how big is it (diameter) 

The bottom just fit on the cookie sheet, so probably around 13",

 fabulous, where did you hire your decorator? :)

Cute!  Love the shoveling gummi bears.

 I really like this igloo idea.  Fancy enough to get attention, but easy enough for the average  person to master. I think the bears might enjoy marshmallow snowmen :)
Well done!

 Very out-of-the-box; I would vote this to win.