Follow this Instructable to create your own Gingerbread Man Yard Decoration.

I love decorating my house for Christmas.  This year, I wanted to add some decorations to the front yard.  Rather than buying an inflatable Santa like the neighbors, I decided to create my own custom lawn decorations.  I made a total of four gingerbread men and customized each one to match each family member.

You can also start with your own image (santa, snowman, Easter bunny, cupid, ghost, etc), and use this Instructable to make your own creation for any season.

Things you will need:
-Plywood (enough for each gingerbread man)
-Sander and/or sandpaper
-Rebar, conduit, or wooden stakes
-Conduit clips (sized to match rebar or conduit)
-Base coat paint (brown for the gingerbread men)
-Hobby paints (various colors as needed)
-Various paintbrushes for large and detail work
-Sealer - Krylon Low Odor Clear Finish
-Two outdoor spotlights and bulbs
-Tape measure
-Straight edge
-Scissors (heavy duty to cut cardboard)
-Utility knife
-Screws and screwdriver or drill

Step 1: Drawing / Concept Development

I am not an artist by any means.  And to come up with a creative design, you don't have to be either.  I used a gingerbread outline I found on the internet.  From there, I sketched A LOT of different ideas until I found the one I liked best.

-Draw an outline of your desired shape on graph (or engineering) paper.  More on why the graph paper is important in the next step.  In this Instructable there are two sizes of gingerbread men.  A larger one to represent the parents and smaller one for the kids.
-Make several sketches of your ideas (think eyes, icing, gumdrop buttons, etc).  I wanted to make my gingerbread men unique to each member of my family, so mine has Converse All Stars, my daughter a ballerina tutu, my son a train engineers outfit, and my wife an apron (her choice, not mine).

Please feel free to use my drawings and sketches if you like.
<p>what size screws did you use. I want to make sure they are not going through the wood.... did not see you list that</p>
<p>just a question has anyone try to do paper mache instead of wood.. just wondering </p>
<p>Great designs and instructions to make them, thank you! I just cut out the mom and dad Gmen. I took your advice and used a 1/4 inch plywood instead. Looking forward to painting and displaying in the yard. I'll post a photo once completed.</p>
We just made these for our yard, and they came out great. Per your suggestion, we went with 23/32 sanded plywood. It's plenty stable, and the screws held nicely. Thanx for the awesome Instructable!
Super, you picture them well too.<br /> <br /> L<br />

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