This is a slide show of our adventure making a gingerbread robot. We started with the recipe from the food network, http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/gale-gand/gingerbread-house-recipe/index.html, and the rest was our imaginations.  The sweetest robot ever is a two-foot tall, free standing creation! This was our first attempt at any ginger-construction, so we had a lot of fun working out the kink, and got some great insight to do even more next year! Happy holidays!
iculus3 years ago
Hey, sweet robot (pun intended). Can we start our instructibles competition again?
sarahfish (author)  iculus3 years ago
I'm in. name your terms. taking into account i may need a handicap, as i'm IN vet school.
geraput4 years ago
Great idea
bubbelgum564 years ago
i like wolfs they are cute and cuddley
zascecs5 years ago
Great idea; it's 3d too!! 
sarahfish (author) 5 years ago
 Anyone know how to make the slideshow work?  Does anyone see the slideshow, is it just me?
Looks like yours is working, mine still isn't though . . .
Looks fine to me.