Couldn't help but try to make my own version of a Big Button Pillow I saw online. I changed it up by using a red fabric marker on my natural twill fabric. If you sew, this is as easy as it gets.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Picture of Gather Your Materials
Sewing machine
3/4 yard of twill
red fabric marker
various circle shapes for patterns
measuring tape
embroidery floss
long needle
curved needle
heavy thread

Step 2: Use Circle Shapes to Make Round Pillow Pieces Look Like a Button

Picture of Use Circle Shapes to Make Round Pillow Pieces Look Like a Button
Use any round patterns you can find to trace circles on pillow fabric.

Step 3: Trace Inner Circle on Pillow Fabric

Picture of Trace Inner Circle on Pillow Fabric
Trace around a circular pattern to make the inner circle.

Step 4: The Thread Holes

Picture of The Thread Holes
Trace around a smaller circle pattern to make four 'thread holes'.

Step 5: Pin on the Gusset

Picture of Pin on the Gusset
Pin the boxing or gusset piece all around the pillow top and stitch it at a 1/2" seam allowance.

Step 6: Snip Around the Circle

Picture of Snip Around the Circle
Using sharp scissors, snip the seam allowance to allow the fabric to form a sharp circular shape.

Step 7: Sew On Pillow Bottom

Picture of Sew On Pillow Bottom
Pin, stitch and snip the bottom side of the pillow just as in step 6. Leave a 7" opening for stuffing in the pillow form.

Step 8: Make a Pillow Form

Picture of Make a Pillow Form
Make a pillow form 1" larger than the outside fabric using muslin or scrap fabric. Stuff it and stitch it closed before inserting it into the button pillow cover.

Step 9: Stuff It

Picture of Stuff It
Insert the pillow form in the button cover and pin the opening closed.

Step 10: Close It Up

Picture of Close It Up
Stitch the opening closed using heavy thread and a curved needle.

Step 11: Tuft It

Picture of Tuft It
Using embroidery floss and a straight needle, make knotted tufts in the center of the 'thread holes' on the button front and back. This gives the button the tufted look and the look of dimension.

Step 12: A Button On the Floor

Picture of A Button On the Floor
Use your button pillow as a cozy floor cushion too.
sammiejoe3 years ago
What kind of sewing machine is that?
Colourful4 years ago
I love this so so much. I just need to get some fabric to do it with now!
I love this, I'm going to try and make one. I don't have a curved needle or a long one for the centre stitches... hopefully it will still work!
This is really cute. Didn't H&M do a similar one? Was that where you got your idea? Really well done.
modhomeecteacher (author)  cucumbersome6 years ago
Yeah, I knew I could do a version of it. I recently read the AT post about your table/nightstand rehab--loved it. Your site is great. Thanks for commenting. :)
scoochmaroo6 years ago
Fabric Markers! Genius!! I want to make this with some sort of big rope between the button holes to look like thread!
modhomeecteacher (author)  scoochmaroo6 years ago
if you're a good artist, you could draw the rope look. I couldn't do it.
This is really cute, and well written. You could probably use a fancy stitch to do the red lines instead of a marker if you wanted a different look. Great job!
Stitching would be sooo cute. I was trying to get it done quickly. Thanks for the comment.