Giraffe cake I made for my son's 3rd birthday. His fav. thing in the world is Ty Pluffies Tip Top Giraffe that never leaves his side.

Step 1:

First I baked a 10" round cake ( Betty Crocker yellow cake) and set aside to cool. Then I took a picture of "Mr. Giraffe" ( that is what Tanner calls him) and printed it out and traced it onto wax paper. Using Wilton's Fondant, colored yellow, I rolled it out about 1/4" thick on wax paper & put it in the fridge for a few until it was semi firm. Place the tracing of the giraffe on top of the fondant & cut him out using a sharp knife. Then roll out more fondant color brown & cut out feet & spots.
The kids like this cake very much.
Nice, looks cute!!

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