Picture of Giraffe Chair

Step 1: Find An Old Chair

Picture of Find An Old Chair
I found my old chair at a donut joint that was getting new ones.

Step 2: Strip

Picture of Strip
Sand wood down so that paint will stick. Also remove old staples, cushion, and material.

Step 3: Shop And Apply

Picture of Shop And Apply
I got my fabric, cushion,adhesive foam glue, and spray paint from a local craft store. First position cushion in center of wooden seat. Next use glue and adhere cushion to wood. Let dry. I let it sit and spray painted the frame of my chair (2 coats) in the mean time. When cushion is done drying I trimmed to my desired angles. Next I stretched my fabric around the cushion and stapled into place.

Step 4: Reassemble And Enjoy

Picture of Reassemble And Enjoy
Reattach the seat to the frame when everything is dry and enjoy your new chair.
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