Step 6: Painting

Layer on the acrylic paint, covering the entire piece (except the clip) with two or more coats of yellow.  The metal will be visible through the paint until you have built up a few layers of paint.  Next, paint brown spots on his front and back, and paint the front of his ears with a little brown.  Paint his eyes black.

Let him dry, then coat him with a clear enamel spray to make the paint shine and improve durability.  Be sure to tape off the clip, as the clear coat will probably chip off it when you flex it open.

OK, I've looked all through this instructable, but I'm not seeing any giraffe recipes. Am I missing something???
Yeah, I misread it too.
What a great project! Thanks.
I see lots of other applications......to hold playing cards for elderly or disabled people and enter it for the &quot;Health by Design Contest&quot;.<br /> How about politicians getting rid of auto-cue all together and use this instead!&nbsp;
Great idea! The first one, that is. But ya know the second one isn't too far off either. :)<br />
This is so cute. I have something similar to this that someone made for me. It is cut out of wood and shaped like a duck, incorporated into the head is a clothes pin.<br />
You should sell these It is so cute!! <br />
Oh so cute and clever!&nbsp; You need to send this in to http://www.onemilliongiraffes.com/<br />
This is a great alternative to having your recipe getting gooped up with your concoction! This is also so stylish! 5/5!
&nbsp;Ever since I made my stuffed giraffe I've kinda been obsessed with them. This is a pretty awesome recipe holder :)
&nbsp;Awww, soo cute!<br /> <br /> *Death by cute-ness*&nbsp;<br />
OMG! This is the cutest little thing ever! Thanks for the 'ible! Great pictures.<br />

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