Do you sometimes want to tell your mailman where to stick those bills?

Yeah, me too.

And with this project your mailman might even enjoy doing it, just as ours does.



P.S. Kudos to my wife, who bears my frequent nerd attacks with a smile on her face. She is an excellent artist and supported this build with her paint brush magic. Check her stuff out on her website, her facebook site, or her etsy site.

P.P.S.S. I'll be entering this instructable into the Epilog contest. What I'd do with such an awesome tool. Well, I'd grab my tinker buddies, the infamous "Faraday Cage Fighters", and try to make some PCBs, flexible PCBs, and 3D sculptures. For now, just in my head, but maybe... if you'd vote for me... and anyway I need a new T-shirt too. ;)

Step 1: Planning the Design

Bureaurocratic Framework:

I started out with checking the rules for mail boxes. They are well documented by the US postal service mailbox guideline website. Essentially 41-45" from the bottom and 6-8" from the curb. I made sure we were working within that framework as I didn't want to rebuild because somebody complains.

Idea & Design:

The idea of making an animal mailbox was pretty apparent to us. But there are not many animals that have very long legs. A giraffe came very quickly to mind and I developed the idea further using the following procedure:

  1. Google some giraffe pictures.
  2. Draft up an idea and then refine it and add some detail to it until you have something you like.

I made a reality check of the initial idea by creating a 3D model.

  1. Measure a standard mailbox and draw it in an AutoCAD program.
  2. Add a base board to support the mailbox. Considering that it needed to provide a strong connection to the legs I doubled its thickness in the build.
  3. Add legs of the US postal service required length.
  4. Determine the leg length to neck length ratio using the Giraffe pictures => pretty much 1:1.
  5. Add the neck.
  6. Review the form of the head and add head, ossicones (the horn that are not horns) and (if you have the patience) ears.
  7. Put it all together in an assembly view, compare to pictures and edit as desired. In this step I changed the hind legs to be assembled from two pieces.
  8. Review it and refine it as desired.
  9. Make a material and parts list, collect the stuff and get started.
<p>Cute. I wonder how the mail deliverer feels about shoving your mail in a giraffe's butt? </p>
<p>I talked to our mailman in the beginning to get some pictures. She loved it. Don't know if it wears off over time though. However, the giraffe puts a smile on my face every time I am coming home. So it surely is an uplifting mail box.</p>
<p>omg, this is great! So fun!</p>
<p>Thanks. Much appreciated.</p>
<p>A+. Love that the mail flag looks like a tail</p>
<p>I was thinking about adding a tail at one point, but somehow never got to it.</p>
<p>Got my vote, Great Job!!!</p>
<p>Much appreciated. Thanks.</p>
<p>Unbelieveable! Everyone will want one, Congratulations, you have my vote!</p>
<p>Thank you Lmaltin.</p>
got my vote?
the ? was supposed to be a smily...lol☺
<p>This is awesome? ... he he he</p>
<p>What a terrific giraffe! Can't believe it. You have my vote, superbender. Congrats</p>
<p>Thanks a bunch for the support, Tuennes.</p>
<p>Super design and great work.</p>
<p>Thanks for checking it out, Yunfeng.</p>
Voted, superbender!!
<p>Much obliged.</p>
<p>nice, I need to check my HOA</p>
<p>Oh man. Good luck with that. Hope you can convince them that every neighborhood should have one. </p>
<p>Holy crap this is awesome!!!! You totally have my vote, great work!</p>
<p>Thanks for voting BKLaRue. The giraffe puts a smile on my face every time I see it. Great fun.</p>

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