Picture of Giraffe table
Fun animal table witch looks a lot more expensive and complicated than it really is.
You don't need very experienced woodworking qualities. If you can handle an electric jig saw you can do this!
Looks great in an ethnic styled room, an Africa theme or  a child's room with jungle theme. 
And I an sure many of you will be inspired to do variations with other animals, although the wide-legged posture of a drinking giraffe is very inspiring.
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Step 1: Materials and tools

Picture of Materials and tools
MDF board 15 mm approx 122x110 cm
MDF board 3 mm 12x36 cm
12 wood screws 35 mm
4 wood screws 25 mm
8 small nails 20 mm

pencil and rule
electric jig saw
(electric) screwdriver
(electric) drill 2 mm (pre-drill screw holes)
speeddrill approx 16 mm
small plane tool
file and/or grater
transparent wood stain (pickle); I used dark oak
masking tape

Step 2: Body shape

Picture of body shape
twee helften.jpg
Enlarge the drawing. Squares measure 10 x 10 cm. All measurements in centimeter
Body : 2 times
Front leg: 2 times
Rest of the pieces 1 time
Draw all pieces on 15 mm MDF board except the neck. The neck-piece should be 3 mm thick.( MDF or plywood)

Cut all the parts out with an electric jig saw. It is advisable to wait with the "connect piece", as the measurements can later be adapted to the work. Sand the edges.
It is advised to drill the eyes with a speeddrill at this stage. Only drill a few mm deep.
The top side of the tail piece ( 16 cm) should be planed at a 45 degrees angle. This is the only piece that has to be planed at an angle.

Attach the legs to the side of the bodyparts. I used 2 screws an woodglue.  Don't forget to drill a hole first otherwise the MDF will split. Make sure the body parts stand upright on the floor at a 90 degrees angle.
Put these two halves upright and tape the heads together with some ( masking) tape.
Insert the tail piece at the other side inbetween the body parts and attach with screws.
Making the pattern took forever and the color still run under the tape a bit, but it looks more like fur like that. Thanks for the instruction.
I made a Zebra TV table in the same style too.
Fantastic! Love them both! May be the zebra pattern is something for me too..... Thanks for showing the results. I feel só proud my idea is gone further than my own room!
nice idea...
coznick2 years ago
tdc22022 years ago
I LOVE this!
aqua 122 years ago
aqua 122 years ago
Lol my friend kaitlyn would luv this!!!!
Fun! Great job painting it!
shizy252 years ago
Very cute!