Step 11: How the Analog Comparator works

Picture of How the Analog Comparator works
The Analog Comparator is an internal module of the microcontroller and it compares the input values on the positive pin (Digital Pin 6) and negative pin (Digital Pin 7). When the voltage on the positive pin is higher than the voltage on the negative pin AIN1, the Analog Comparator outputs a 1 in the ACO bit of the ACSR register.

Optionally, the comparator can trigger an interrupt, exclusive to the Analog Comparator. The associated vector is ANALOG_COMP_vect.

We can also set the the interrupt to be launched on a rising edge, falling edge or on a toggle of the state.

The Analog Comparator is just what we need for the triggering connecting out input signal to pin 6, now what is left is a threshold level on pin 7.