Step 25: Done! (Almost)

Picture of Done! (Almost)
At the end of this long experience, I feel very satisfied because
  • I learned a lot about microcontrollers in general;
  • I learned a lot more about the Arduino ATMega328P;
  • I had some hands-on experience of Data Acquisition, not by using something already done but by making something;
  • I realized an amateur oscilloscope that is not that bad.
I hope that this guide will be useful to anybody that reads it. I wanted to write it so detailed because I learned all that in the hard way (surfing the internet, reading the datasheet and by a lot of trial and error) and I would like to spare anybody from that experience.
bersham5 months ago

i know this sounds really stupid but i somehow can't see how to actually see the signal ?? which pins in the uno should i connect the input signal to ?