Introduction: Girl-ish Pompadour - Pin Up Style

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eskimojo made up a good tuto for guys , so I decided to do a tuto for the ladies...
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Step 1: What You Will Need

Picture of What You Will Need

- long bangs (or no bangs, as me)
- rattail comb
- a small ponytail holder
- clips, claws or bobby pins

And, last but not least:
GREASY hair!

Mine was naturally greasy while making the photos, but if you prefer regular washes, you might use beer for rinsing after the wash and pomade.
Both will nourish your hair.

Step 2: Parting and ... Braiding?!

Picture of Parting and ... Braiding?!

Part off a thin, broad strand on your forehead and comb it straight. Maybe you wwant to use your pmade now? ;-)

After ca. 4 to 5" after the roots, start a very loose braid and bind it  off. 

Now you should be looking like a 14year old Misfits fan who ran out of hair wax  ^_^.

Step 3: Make a Coil

Picture of Make a Coil

Make the braid a coil round two or three of your fingers.
Roll it up, like you would roll your hair with a curler.

Step 4: Roll Up and Fix

Picture of Roll Up and Fix

Roll your pomp up until its close to the scalp.
Arrange it carefully, then fix it.
Voila, you're done!!

Now do some make up, grab a dress and go out!


BrendanTheSequeira (author)2015-01-16

Now that's a dandy's pompadour.

scoochmaroo (author)2010-07-07

Now let's see how you did that braid in your user image! I've also wanted to try rocking a pomp, but not enough hair to braid. Think I'll have to go with the man version.

Sagi (author)scoochmaroo2010-07-09

ARGH!!! I thought, you've meant the pomp braid! *blush* My user image shows a Dutch 5strand braid, I'm going to make an 'ible soon... (its much easier than it looks, its some kind between a nrmal braid and weaving.)

scoochmaroo (author)Sagi2010-07-09

:D Well, beauty contest ends this weekend. . . .*hint hint*

Sagi (author)scoochmaroo2010-07-09

XD thats too short - I'm searching for a fair haired victim, so you can see the braiding steps better...

SiderAnne (author)scoochmaroo2010-07-08

I have short hair, like your user image, and I just give it a little twist instead of the braid. I tend not to tuck it under, just pinned on top, since it's too short to stay pinned under. I also find that mousse or gel with damp hair works best for hold on finer hair.

Sagi (author)scoochmaroo2010-07-08

Maybe you just twist the lenghts of your bang a little? :-) For long bangs as mine I find it much easier braided... But the guy version is very well done and should work better for short hair.

Sagi (author)2010-07-08

Its a simple 3stranded braid, I forgot to say...

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