Girly Duct Tape Wallet/clutch





Introduction: Girly Duct Tape Wallet/clutch

All of the duct tape wallets I've seen so far look like they belong in the pockets of overalls or inside a tool box. This one is a lot more feminine. It won't really fit in a pants pocket but it is a great sturdy everyday wallet with room for eight cards and it is big enough that you could carry it separately as a clutch.

What you will need:
-lots of duct tape
-nail polish remover and toilet paper to clean the gunk off the scissors
-a pen/marker
-a straight edge

Step 1: Make the Base

At the base of this wallet are two sheets of duct tape. I've found that the easiest way to make one of these sheets is to start with a piece of loose leaf and cover that in duct tape on both sides. that way you can get nice straight lines. It also adds a bit more stability.

       This one is to be folded into three sections. The first is with the cards, the second  is the pocket for the money, and the third it the flap with the velcro. You can see these on the finished wallet. Once you make it, fold it to the appropriate proportions. the two larger sections should be about 4" long.
-4" x 9.5"
        This one is taped in the middle and is part of the pocket for the money.

Step 2: Tape the Base Together

Make one strip of duct tape either by using the loose leaf or just by lining two strips up together.
Cut two lengths about 3" to 3.5" long. Fold them in half long ways and then cut them into triangles. (see the picture). Then tape these to the short sides of the smaller sheet. Then tape the long side of the small sheet with the smaller sides of the triangles to the large sheet at the fold between the two larger sections.

Then finally tape the free sides of the triangles (in orange) to the middle section of the big sheet so that you get a pocket big enough for money.

This sounds confusing but I think the pictures make it relatively clear.

Step 3: The Card Slots

The wallet holds 8 cards but I do two per slot so there are only four slots.

1. take to cards and wrap them length wise with duct tape, sticky side out.

2. slide the little sleeve you made down so that a reasonable amount of the card is showing (so that you would be able to grab card)

3. make cuts on each end of the duct tape that is now sticking out over the sides. Then fold those down.

4. Slide the sleeve down again so that the folds are at the top of the of what will be the card pocket.

5. take another piece of duct tape and put it over the bottom of the card pocket (sticky part out)

6. Then put that on one side of the bottom section of the big sheet, towards the top (see picture)

7. repeat steps 1-6 except put it on the other side.

8. Then lay a piece of tape over those two pockets so that the sticky part is covered.

9. Repeat the whole thing to make another row of pockets on the bottom.

Step 4: The Finishing Touches

Add some strips or half strips to all of the exposed sides and joints just to make it sturdy and a bit prettier.

Then fold it all up and add some velcro to the top, smallest section and to the front flap. I didn't have any velcro on hand for this wallet but I included a picture of an old one to show the placement.

Now you've got a nice big wallet with room for plenty of cash and 8 cards. This one turned out a little sloppy and the colors are a bit much, but it's for an 8 year old so it should do.



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    a) You have a lot of views

    b) You have a lot of favorites

    c) This is AMAZING!!!

    I love this design! I just wish U could do a video tutorial.

    At first, I got so confused. Then I actually read all of it and BOOM! It's done! I also added a coin pouch ;)

    13, 9:18 PM.jpg13, 9:18 PM.jpg13, 9:18 PM.jpg

    Definitely going to try making one of these for my wife.

    This tutorial confused me soo much! But after sitting and staring at some of the pieces I figured it out, and even though the cash slot is a bit messy this is my first one and I'll make a few more and see what I need to do to make it better. Thanks for the tutorial and extra ideas!!


    I'll have to try this once I re-stock my duct tape :P

    This is the second wallet I created (the first was a gift and I followed the directions more closely) this one I went on sole memory of this tutorial. It didn't turn so bad I just messed up the money pocket and I made only 6 card slots.


    I don't understand all of these directions. Can someone make a tutorial video on making one so I can see how it is made? I think this is so cute and want to make one

    3 replies

    omg i love yours!!! i got clueless when it came to the tutorial.. any pointers? lol i seriously want yours

    I didn't understand the tutorial AT ALL so I looked at the pictures and kind of created and made up my own stuff. I guessed at the sizes and it turned out a bit big but my niece still loves it (birthday present from me) so try to copy the pictures in the tutorial I suppose. I wish someone made a video on how to create this. I just don't have the capability to make one otherwise I would! The only thing that I totally changed was that I made an ID slot and you can find how to make one here: I also used this: to create the credit card holders. I hope that helps!

    Awesome! I messed up/altered this a little bit, but it still turned out okay. I'll probably make an improved one at some point. Thanks for the Instructable!


    i made a simple one not much duct tape is needed and its simple lol

    I sold one to my friend for $10. She seemed okay with that. If it was to a stranger, I might have charged a little more.

    And another - I personally like this one better than my first. I made it have more card slots :D


    Thought I would share pictures of the wallet I just made using this as a guideline. There are a couple things that I changed and did my own thing on, but it was all based around yours :)


    If you wanted to do an id slot how would you and where would you put it?

    1 reply

    I couldnt really understand these instructions so I took the main picture and made my own instead. With one row of 5 cards going down length wise on the side that doesnt hold the money. Then the side that is the outside where the money goes I put a clear plastic id slot there in the oposit direction from the rest of the cards.. Hope this helps.