video Give Your Jeans A Wild New Look !
Bored of those jeans? Ad a wild side to it to give it some flair and enjoy it all over again with this new design!
it must be the animal print that attracted the animals...LOL
I watched this about 48 times... to make sure I got the scissor cuts down properly of course. I may watch it a few more times just to make sure.
yea okay hahaha ur probably on this page all day cuz of da chick hahahah
carlos66ba5 years ago
Beautiful (the girl :-))
idogis15 years ago
cflowers5 years ago
Very very nice instructable! I featured it on The Daily Hack. Keep up those awesome clothes creations! :-)

Charlie Flowers
OH YEAAAH She's making it do what it Do!
idiom5 years ago
Mannnnnn This girl knows how to instruct. SweeEEEEEEEEeeetT!