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Introduction: Give Your Mirror a New Look


This is my first D.I.Y post! Although I always upcycle things at home, I never documented them because....well, I'm lazy. Sharing my D.I.Y ideas is part of my 2013 resolution, so I'm not gonna let you, or myself down! :)

I bought this mirror at Ikea, for about $1. 30. When I first saw this mirror, lots of ideas rush through my head. You can redecorate it with crumpled newspaper, mosaic, strings, anything that you can stick on it, or wrap around it, is possible. I wanted to make something personally and give it to someone as a gift. Turns out, the end result is not bad at all. :D

Hope you enjoy the post.

Step 1: Here's What You Need;

2 rolls of jute string (or more, depending on the size of the mirror)
Mirror (Mine is W:26cm, H:26cm)
P.V.A glue
Brush or your old credit card

Step 2:

Layer the newspaper under the mirror. Apply glue on mirror frame, back first then front, all sides.

Step 3:

Trim the newspaper so it fit nicely with the frame. Wrap the glued mirror frame with newspaper.

Step 4:

Once all wrapped up, apply glue on one side of the frame, front and back, top and bottom.
Place your string on the top right, hold it tight and start wrapping with coconut string.

Step 5:

Once you finish one side of the mirror, end it on the back of the mirror. Cut the string either on the far right, or left (so that later when you wrap on another side, it would be covered), apply some glue and push through the band of strings and hide it underneath.

Step 6:

Continue step 3 and 4 until it's complete.



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This is really cool! My sister left 4 of these mirrors behind when she moved but I've always hated the color. This is a great idea for it!

This is so pretty! The intro pictures captures the beauty of it. Thanks so much for sharing and do have a splendorous day!

This is fantastic! And what a great resolution!

Hi! Looks very nice. I think that you are using jute string and not coconut string. It is called jute sutli in India. Coconut sutli too is available but is a lot more rougher and not as good looking ast jute sutli.

1 reply

Hi Zubain, I think you're right! Thank you for sharing. :) x

I like this :-)...This gives me loads of ideas! I would like to know though...why did you wrap the mirror with newspaper first? Why not glue to the mirror direct?

3 replies

Thank You. :) Well, I wrapped it with newspaper because the strings won't be able to cover all the 4 corners of the frame. I use newspaper to make it look more natural. As time goes by, newspaper will become yellow,and it'll give some woody/ vintage feel to it. :)

Ah now I could also stain the newspaper with tea or apply teak varnish...perhaps even use jute fabric for the edges ! Thanks for replying...have a great year ahead! :-)

Yeap, ways to decorate the mirror is unlimited! :D Enjoy making yours and you have a great year too!

What a great way to decorate a plain mirror!

3 replies

your mirror is so beautiful