Put Plexiglass in your computer in less than an hour.

Step 1: Cut the Case

This is a pretty obvious step but whatever. A more obvoius step would be to remove the side of your case before you begin cuting but again this it up to you. Unless your incredibly brave you might want to preclude this step with some thought and some measuring and marking and whatnot but after the step requring carefull thought you can go to the step requiring powertools . I used an adustible hole cuter set a little over 4 inches if you dont have one you could use a jigsaw or just a normal hole cutter fom your local home depot the adjustible one you can find at woodworkers warehouse. At any rate clamp the piece down very well, wear eye protection, be sure to lubricare with wd40, and most importantly take your time.
i did something similar to a friends computer he needed 2 holes for water cooling hoses <br><br>used the coolest tool for the purpose i borrowed from my welding instructor <br> called a chassis punch a really epic tool that made perfectly clean holes only needing a light sand to take the burr off <br>Drill hole for the bolt <br> then thread the other half of the tool on and use wrench and ratchet till it cuts all the way through <br> boom perfect clean hole <br> they're expensive but so awesome for something like this !!! ( we did not even need to remove the internal components really just lay in a towel for the shavings for the pilot t hole.)
why don't you just use a drill with a Hole saw on it? I would think that it would be easier than the drill press.
because the the walls on my pc are like 1/2 inch thick and squares are gay and realy comon have you ever seen a pc with port holes????? in adition im putting matching ones on the other side for case fans also my computer is the size of a fragbox like 12 by 18 so the windows are cool especailt when lit up at night
i got it, somehow cut out your name or a cool pic or biohazard ect. and put plexiglass in that
thats a cool idea i hadent thought of using auto trim or similar to make it more streem lined on my oter pc i made the whole big and square and i did put the sheet on the back of the panel and i used the sleeve from some wire to make a nice blue trim around the sharp edges. all you have too do was cut a slit and pop it on if the edges of my case hadent been so thick i wouldhave done that but alas smalll case thick walls.
Tips for a more clean look: Cut a sheet of acrylic (plexiglass is a brand name) bigger than the wholes and attach it to the back of the side panel. Add thin trim (something like automotive trim, just not ugly and silver) around the hole.
cool idea but why not just cut a big hole in the side and put a big sheet of plexiglass in it I'll post an instructable on how to do that if I do on the pc I'm building now.

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