Give Your Picture a Lomography Effect in Photoshop


Introduction: Give Your Picture a Lomography Effect in Photoshop

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Give your pictures a lomography effect in Photoshop. In the video, I'm using Photoshop CS3.



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    I can't see any difference between the original image, and the image @ 1:00 after the tweaking(?)
    I don't see a Lomo-effect either (do I?)


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    I can tell the difference, mild as it is - however I don't think 'lomography' is an effect you can even attempt to replicate in photoshop, as the whole point of the movement is based on analog cameras and has a very diverse base of characteristics which cause it to be considered lomography. Ultimately, it is all about using analog camera manufactured by Lomographische AG, which are each keyed to a signature effect (fisheye for example)...

    It is, I agree with you there.


    Yeah, it is pretty difficult to replicate lomography digitally. This was an old tutorial that I did to show to get a simple effect in a couple of easy steps. I never added any vignettes, grain, etc. I might do a new tutorial on it.