Step 2: What you will need.

Picture of What you will need.
If you are spraying:
Rustoleum high gloss paint - 2 Quarts if rolling or brushing you might need 3 = $16 (whatever color you want, It could even be flat color)
Odorless mineral spirits – 4 Quarts = $14
Rustoleum primer spray paint - 1 Can = $4.99
Sand paper all grits from 60 to 2000 = $ 20
Painter's tape - 1 Roll = $5.84
Tack cloth 3 = 4.99
the price is only for the materials that you will need to make the project, tools like the compressor and a spray paint gun if you are spraying you can rent i borrow from a friend.

My compressor was a little 15 gal so i had to take breaks between spraying i wish i had this great compressor from Craftsman is a 26 gal just what i need it for this job and pretty much for any other job.


If you are brushing or rolling:
Paint trays - 3 ea. = $3.21
Foam rollers or brushes, 3 = $5