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I really like the mountaineering boot look this year. Trouble is I don't have an extra $80 bucks to blow on a new pair. I remembered my mum saved an old pair of my leather boots. They were excellent quality (FYRE), so I decided to give them a makeover. Great thing is, it only cost me $20.00 big ones.

Step 1: Time to lean...time to clean

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I started with rubbing alcohol to get the first layer of dirt off. These poor shoes have been abandoned in a garage for the last decade. Then I hit them up with saddle soap several times.
m0unt21nt0p6 months ago

This give a lot of good ideas. Great job!

MikeL49 months ago

If I may...

You should change "Step 4 : Viola" to "Step 4 : Et voilà"

"Viola" as a totally different meaning ;)

jukeyjean (author) 2 years ago
CaseyCase2 years ago
I had an old pair of work boots that were pretty rough. I chose to spiff them up by stenciling a neon blue Nike "swoosh" on the sides. Got stopped my a businessman who commented, "didn't know Nike made work boots." It's a prototype model, I responded.