Welcome to the first phase of my Holga modification. I own only the one holga and a number of months back I did a few modifications and gave it a custom paint job. Later I had a better idea, and a change of heart regarding the look of my camera.
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So, this will be split into two very different instructables, either instructable could be followed to get two different custom Holgas.

The Holga is a camera made by Lomo, and is well known for being the cheapest and easiest way to get into Lomography.

To help define Lomography I have borrowed this paragraph from Batness' Instructable on 'How to paint a plastic camera.' (I think he may have borrowed it from wikipedia)

There are many people interested in using medium-format plastic cameras to take photos these days. Translation; film cameras are back in! Using this retro type of camera, you can take "vintage" ye-olde looking photographs.

This new trend was likely started by Lomography . Lomography emphasizes casual, snapshot photography. Characteristics include over-saturated colors, off-kilter exposure, blurring, "happy accidents," and photographers are encouraged to take a lighthearted approach to their photos, and use these techniques to document everyday life. (<--oh noes Wikipedia!) 

In this Instructable we will cover-

  • Removing the viewfinder and replacing it with a useful little light.
  • Prepping and Painting the camera.
  • Adding a nice layered paper effect on the grips.

Step 1: Materials, and Tools Needed.

Materials Needed - 
  • A Lomo Holga (between £16 and £40 dependant on specifics of the model)
  • Black Direct to metal spray paint
  • A small LED circuit
  • Two Part Epoxy Resin (aroldyte)
  • Some pages from an interesting book (mine was a chinese red book)
  • Brush on metallic paint (you can bust open a silver marker pen in a push)
  • A 46mm step up ring (step up to your most used filter size)
  • Some thin scrap plastic
  • Black marker pen (sharpie, used for touching up in some areas)
  • Masking tape
  • PVA, Woodglue, Elmers Glue
Tools Needed -
  • Scalpel, X-acto, Stanley knife, Boxcutter
  • Drill
  • Small files
  • Paint brushes
  • plyers (may be used for breaking some plastic
  • Soldering iron (optional, if you are wiring up your own led circuit)
  • Small flat head screwdriver
  • Medium cross head screwdriver
yey someone else has noted the glued on knob, only did my instructable cos my hidden screw pic on flickr is my most viewed image,like your led touch. maybe a lazer could act as an aiming device.kept my mod minimal as i just wanted a all white holga
Ooh, looks nice. I'll have to try this sometime.
Sorry, but when you spray it, does it affect the barrel at the front?
Here's mine. I relocated the clips, gave it a crude paintjob, and added a binder clip with theatrical gels.
Nice! I think often the crude paint jobs work the best. If you are doing stuff yourself, it is much easier to make a good crude one, than a good perfect one.
It's taken me forever to finally post on this. :P<br>Great job! I do love me some Holgas. I'm thinking of painting mine or layering fabric on it somehow...just haven't narrowed it down.<br><br>I guess I'd better; I want a Holga patch! XD I'm terrified that I'm going to ruin the flash when I take mine apart...I might have to use a non-flash Holga.
Well, before you do, wait for my next iteration, where I do something even crazier,
Can't wait! I need some new camera inspiration...
Cool, I like the light idea
Thanks dude!
Hey! We are neck and neck for instructables now!
I hope you are neck in neck and not neck and neck. Cuz, two displaced necks conversing is just too weird even for the internet...
Nacho and I resemble the remark. &gt;:'(
haha yea, i have a week and a half more of exams, then summer so i will be making more then :D
the &quot;chancellor&quot; will not be pleased

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