Step 2: Remove the Top Section.

The Holga in its cheap toy nature, is also very easy to take apart, which makes it a great base model for us modders.

To remove the top of the Holga, we first need to remove the film advancing knob.
Carefully slide a thin screwdriver under the knob, and rotate it slightly to allow you to get a firm hold, pull straight up to break the bond between to knob and the advancing spool. The glue is strong, but also cheap, so can be easily broken.

Once you have this removed you will see two small screws, these plus another screw on the opposite side need to be removed also.

Lift the entire top section straight up. If you have one of the versions with a flash, you will need to make sure you do not loose the little black plastic switch.

Be sure to discharge your camera flash fully, so as not to shock your self on the flash circuit.
yey someone else has noted the glued on knob, only did my instructable cos my hidden screw pic on flickr is my most viewed image,like your led touch. maybe a lazer could act as an aiming device.kept my mod minimal as i just wanted a all white holga
Ooh, looks nice. I'll have to try this sometime.
Sorry, but when you spray it, does it affect the barrel at the front?
Here's mine. I relocated the clips, gave it a crude paintjob, and added a binder clip with theatrical gels.
Nice! I think often the crude paint jobs work the best. If you are doing stuff yourself, it is much easier to make a good crude one, than a good perfect one.
It's taken me forever to finally post on this. :P<br>Great job! I do love me some Holgas. I'm thinking of painting mine or layering fabric on it somehow...just haven't narrowed it down.<br><br>I guess I'd better; I want a Holga patch! XD I'm terrified that I'm going to ruin the flash when I take mine apart...I might have to use a non-flash Holga.
Well, before you do, wait for my next iteration, where I do something even crazier,
Can't wait! I need some new camera inspiration...
Cool, I like the light idea
Thanks dude!
Hey! We are neck and neck for instructables now!
I hope you are neck in neck and not neck and neck. Cuz, two displaced necks conversing is just too weird even for the internet...
Nacho and I resemble the remark. &gt;:'(
haha yea, i have a week and a half more of exams, then summer so i will be making more then :D
the &quot;chancellor&quot; will not be pleased

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