Give your mother something to really enjoy for mothers day !

Picture of Give your mother something to really enjoy for mothers day !
With mothers day right around the corner, my laser class just passed, and some spare time I thought I would make my mother something she would really love. We all know that mom's really like something homemade rather than something bought. So I made this at Techshop In the new San Carlos location. If your thinking "o i will do this next year" STOP. I made this in one Day, total cost was under 20.00 for something that came out better than expected. If you have some of the parts it can cost just about nothing ! So lets dive in here. 
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Step 1: The materials

Picture of The materials
Well here are the materials that I used:
 - 2 X 3 Inch RGB LED strip ( See my other inscrutable on this :)
 - A picture frame ( try to pick a normal picture size of Acrylic for this like 5 x 7)
 - Some Acrylic cut off's or a sheet
 - Some battery holders / or a external power supply ( or both !)
 - something black to put behind the sheet ( I used some fabric)

The Tools you will need:
 - Laser or CNC machine
 - Soldering stuff ( iron, solder, helping hands)
 - Basic tools ( pliers, knife, screw driver) 
 - A dremel and some bits
 - A positive and happy mood

This looks awesome, I might have to make something like this for my mom for mothers day!

bobyo134 (author)  Danger is my middle name10 months ago

Thanks ! It's in the mail now.