Giving Old Speakers a New Makeover


Introduction: Giving Old Speakers a New Makeover

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Ok so what I did was take a set of old, USB powered speakers, and then extracted all the guts out of the original casing. Some modifications were made to the car to fit the speakers and its guts, but it didn't change the appearance (except for the addition of stronger and multiple LED lights.

I put the speakers at the front lid and back trunk, so when it's closed, it just looks like another one of those model cars. But when you open the lid and trunk, speakers pop out of nowhere! Cool eh?

I also rewired the LED so it would reach the bottom of the car, and I added a couple more LEDs (in series, I think) to give it a nice underglow look. It also serves a purpose, as it turns on when I turn on the speakers so I know that it actually works.

I had some problems trying to get everything to fit, and while doing that I broke a few wire connections and the original LED. However, with the help of trial and error, and a whole lot of patience, time, but mostly hot glue, it turned out in the end.

Thoughts and ideas to make it better? Thanks for looking!



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    I have the same speakers and im currently making a music box out of them

    !!! damn u have scratched em poor speakers pretty bad !!!!
    but liked your idea though !!!

    that is AWESOME, i have a 1969 dodge charger (general lee) model im probly going to do that to. that is just awesome. great job.


    sorry i do not have the same car but it look like it


    I had the same car!!!!!! This is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lol in scale you will have two 26 inch subwoofer in the nissan 350z I wonder how much bass will it be :P

    Thats bada$$. Is there a method for doing this with surround sound home theater speakers?

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    Depends how big your speakers are, and although it'll look jaw-dropping nice, it's not going to be ideal, because for surround sound, you want: - your speakers, subwoofers, etc to be all around you to give the feeling that you are one with the movie (unless you have those speakers that imitate that soud using high end technology) - unless you have mad DIY skills and a lot of time, it's going to be hard taking apart those speakers because they are much more complicated in wiring than a simple iPod speaker - your speakers are too nice to wreck. Simple as that. So yeah... but just wondering, what are you thinking of fr the new speaker housing? I'm not saying it'snot possible, it's just one of those things that look damn nice, but don't work that well. Even for mine, the speakers are pointing two opposite directions and not at me, but it's so small that it doesn't really matter.