Giving New Look to Old Metal Shelf




Introduction: Giving New Look to Old Metal Shelf

I needed a shelf for books, and i found this old metal shelf among old stuff.

Step 1: Material Used

Cardboard and self-adhesive foil, and a few pieces of laminate floor.

Step 2: Preparation of Materials

I cut the cardboard which will be used as surface for bonding self-adhesive foil, since the the shelf is rusted and rough.

Step 3: Preparation of Self-adhesive Foil

Cut the self-adhesive foil to fit the shelf. The rest of the foil i cutted into stripes (for shelf feet). This foil had a grid on back side, it's easier to cut :)

Step 4: Main Step

Applying the self-adhesive foil to shelf. Use sponge or cloth to squeze the air out.

Step 5: Top Shelf

Remember those pieces of laminate floor? I used them for the top of the shelf.

Step 6: New Look

Job done.



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