Introduction: Glacier Block

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The only difference between the Fire Block and the Ice Block are both the same. The difference is in the color of paints used.

This is a small ice block or piece of a glacier for use in RPGs, war gaming, or miniature gaming. This is a very easy construction. If you have some craft paints and a hot glue gun than the cost will basically be free.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Things you will need:

hot glue gun

craft paint/paint brush


paper egg carton

mod podge (optional)

Step 2: Cut the Carton

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I used the huge 3 dozen eggs container just cut off a piece. Just use a piece that you think will do the trick big or small.

Step 3: Cut Some Cardboard for a Base and Mount It

Picture of Cut Some Cardboard for a Base and Mount It

Use some hot glue to seal up the seams on the bottom. Also drag the glue around a bit to add some texture.

Step 4: Base Paint

Picture of Base Paint

Paint the glacier a darker blue and let it dry.

Step 5: Dry Brush

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Dry brush a lighter shade of blue and let dry.

Step 6: Dry Brush - 2

Picture of Dry Brush - 2

Use a heavy-ish coat of white paint to finish it up

Step 7: Mod Podge

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Add some mod podge gloss to make it shine like ice.


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