Introduction: Glade --> Oust Scented Oil Conversion

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Blast ye proprietary bottle and impulsive shopping. Here's how to get the oil out of a glade scented oil bottle into an oust scented oil bottle thinger... I proclaim, I like the oust bottles better - much easier to refill yourself without breaking the bottle.

Step 1: Poke It

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Use a tooth pick of skewer, and press it into the glade diffusion tip.

Step 2: Push It

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Using the skewer - push the diffusion wick into the bottle. It will likely break in half in the bottom of the bottle.

Step 3: Pull It

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Pull the skewer out, and any remaining wick with it.

Step 4: Pour It

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Pull the diffuser off the oust bottle, then pour the glade oil into the oust bottle.

Step 5: Stick It

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Stick the oust diffuser back in, and then into whatever device it goes into.


xenobiologista (author)2013-10-22

I ended up doing something similar to get the last few mils of oil out of mosquito repellent liquid bottles. They're on a similar principle as plug-in electric air fresheners except that the active ingredient is insecticide instead of fragrance. The annoying thing with those (Shieldtox, Mortein, Baygon etc.) is that the bottoms of the bottles are concave and the wick is in the centre resulting in the last few mL being unreachable. So I kept saving all the almost-empty bottles and then pulled the wicks out and pooled them together into one, then replaced the wick on that.

loueloui (author)2007-05-17

Awesome tip man it will definitely save me some scratch.

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