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For this look I used the Makeup Revolution New-TRals VS Neutrals Palette so would be great if you had this palette. This look is perfect if you want to be a bit extra everyday or even going out.

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So first you want to take a skin toned eye shadow and apply this all over the lid so you can blend the other shadows easier and also gives a base.

Then with a light red shadow first you want to blend this into your crease and this is going to be your transition.

Then with a darker red shadow you want to do the same thing but a little lower and also take this on the outer corner of your eye too.

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Now with a chocolate brown shadow you want to apply this to the outer corner of the eye and make sure this is blended. I also added some of a very dark purple to the outer corner of the eye also making sure to blend out.

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Then with a light shimmery pink shadow apply this to the rest of the lid. You can also wet the brush so the colour is more intensified.

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Then with a black eyeliner apply this to your eye and then apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

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Then with the red eyeshadows you used before you want to blend this on the lower lash line.

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Finally for your eyes pop on some false eyelashes.

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To finish of this look you want to apply a nude pink liquid lip to your lips.


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