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I call this style Glam-Punk because I added glamour to the Steampunk type of jewelry.  I recycle old jewelry and findings into new pieces and I've learned how to use e-6000 pretty well.  Taking apart old clocks, saving broken jewelry and swapmeets are how I make my things happen.  This is my masterpiece and I have this feeling towards it, as if I won't be able to top it.  My favorite piece!  <3

Made with : Three HUGE gears from a *big* old clock.  A pair of rhinestone earrings and two pins/brooches.  Plus a metal clock piece with holes in it, like an old rotary phone.  Plus gold chain and toggle closure.


abstracted (author)2012-04-02

very nice..u hit on my weakness...GEARS...finding gear donors around here sux at best so i make my own now. i have two gear makin instructables here. they r not hard to do. also with your creativity u could use small electric motor coils and fancy them up too. i get mine frm old computer floppy drives, hard drives, cd drives and vcr`s

eross-1 (author)2012-02-04

Wow, I am totally jealous of your clock/jewelry scrap collection! I just started getting into this sort of upcycled/steampunk sort of jewelry making, and your necklace is awesome:)

I have one kinda weird question for you though: What kind of GLUE do you use?
Most of what I've tried for metal isn't super strong, even when you sand the back to make it more porous.


BigBadgers2001 (author)2011-07-09

Your necklace is totally great, your bits collection is awesome. My Wife has given me the jewellery and beading virus so I have begun to tinker. You have inspired me to dismantle my old wind up alarm clock. After much banging away and hacking with my dremmel, I now have my first set of shiny little cogs to play with.
Great stuff and great fun too!

cairparavel (author)2011-05-24

Wow I love it! I'm jealous of your supply stash! I can never find good brooches for cheap.

VadimS (author)cairparavel2011-05-31

Often sellers on etsy will specialize in bag lots of for a few dollars getting large amounts of clock parts too.

snewton1 (author)VadimS2011-06-04

Also Listia.

kristylynn84 (author)cairparavel2011-05-24

you need to find vendors at swapmeets/flea markets who have random junk. if you go to the people with cases of rhinestones, they will always charge more. also - yard sales and even craigslist, you'll find "costume jewelry" for great deals sometimes. and it's so hard to find quality stuff these days! :)

poofrabbit (author)2011-05-30

This makes me want to bash up a clock so I can try this out....wonder if anyone would notice? As always well done!

sabu.dawdy (author)2011-05-26

its the most beautiful thing i have ever seen

ytashi (author)2011-05-24

wow! (*that was my 1st impression).. another fabulous instructables? (2nd thought that came to mind).. how do u find the time to be so creative? btw, i love them..

kristylynn84 (author)ytashi2011-05-25

thank you! :D well, i don't know. hahah, i just keep making things, and if i'm not busy with a project, i feel "off" so i have to come up with something new to do.

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