GlamPunk Necklace





Introduction: GlamPunk Necklace

I call this style Glam-Punk because I added glamour to the Steampunk type of jewelry.  I recycle old jewelry and findings into new pieces and I've learned how to use e-6000 pretty well.  Taking apart old clocks, saving broken jewelry and swapmeets are how I make my things happen.  This is my masterpiece and I have this feeling towards it, as if I won't be able to top it.  My favorite piece!  <3

Made with : Three HUGE gears from a *big* old clock.  A pair of rhinestone earrings and two pins/brooches.  Plus a metal clock piece with holes in it, like an old rotary phone.  Plus gold chain and toggle closure.



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very nice..u hit on my weakness...GEARS...finding gear donors around here sux at best so i make my own now. i have two gear makin instructables here. they r not hard to do. also with your creativity u could use small electric motor coils and fancy them up too. i get mine frm old computer floppy drives, hard drives, cd drives and vcr`s


Wow, I am totally jealous of your clock/jewelry scrap collection! I just started getting into this sort of upcycled/steampunk sort of jewelry making, and your necklace is awesome:)

I have one kinda weird question for you though: What kind of GLUE do you use?
Most of what I've tried for metal isn't super strong, even when you sand the back to make it more porous.


Your necklace is totally great, your bits collection is awesome. My Wife has given me the jewellery and beading virus so I have begun to tinker. You have inspired me to dismantle my old wind up alarm clock. After much banging away and hacking with my dremmel, I now have my first set of shiny little cogs to play with.
Great stuff and great fun too!

Wow I love it! I'm jealous of your supply stash! I can never find good brooches for cheap.

Often sellers on etsy will specialize in bag lots of for a few dollars getting large amounts of clock parts too.

you need to find vendors at swapmeets/flea markets who have random junk. if you go to the people with cases of rhinestones, they will always charge more. also - yard sales and even craigslist, you'll find "costume jewelry" for great deals sometimes. and it's so hard to find quality stuff these days! :)

This makes me want to bash up a clock so I can try this out....wonder if anyone would notice? As always well done!

its the most beautiful thing i have ever seen

wow! (*that was my 1st impression).. another fabulous instructables? (2nd thought that came to mind).. how do u find the time to be so creative? btw, i love them..